Sightmark & Firefield Scopes


Fun trivia: the rifle in the event photo is the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat air rifle.

I have the Firefield but with the red laser, this one is the better green laser. It works good for the price, has seperate batteries for laser and illuminated reticle. Solid buy at just under $100 here.

Does anyone know if any of these scopes would be good scopes for a Ruger 10/22?

They wouldn’t be an awful choice. You’ll likely be dealing with aluminum as opposed to steel, which is lighter but not as durable. Cheaper scopes like these tend to have problems holding zero with higher calibers, but should be fine for a .22 rifle.

…which is odd since you should never use a scope with an air rifle unless it is designed for it, because the different recoil can wreck a normal scope.

Only if it’s a spring powered (piece of crap) air rifle.

Really? maybe if they are from the 1960’s. The real issue with scopes and air rifles is the paralax and eye relief, not the recoil.

Does anyone know the diameter of these scopes for mounts? Are they 1" or 30mm? I’m sure I’m just missing that somewhere, but it is important.

The Sightmark are 30mm and the Firefield FF13043 and FF13044 are 1".

Any idea how these would work on a higher power rifle? Say a .308?

Yeah, I was also wondering about the durability of these. Looking at the FF13017 1.5-5 scope, for an AR .223/5.56.
Think I’ll keep looking for sales on Redfield or Leupold. Can’t afford Trijicon.
I like something like a 2-6 or so, and don’t care about the laser. The LED light with a pressure switch is good to light up a target (darn those raccoons raiding the henhouse at night).

Word to the wise, this scope weighs almost a pound and a half making it usable only with a rest or stand. I would have passed on this if the weight were listed.