Sightmark Ghost Hunter 4x50 NV Monocular

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Ahhhh yes… good old California. The official state of “feel good laws”.

Me? No I don’t live in CA… looks like I’ll be wootin’ today!

I’m holding you to that. :tongue:

How curious! Did you even know that ‘burglarious’ was a word??
This is the actual law in California..

Penal Code - PEN
PART 1. OF CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS [25 - 680] ( Part 1 enacted 1872. )

TITLE 13. OF CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY [450 - 593g] ( Title 13 enacted 1872. )

CHAPTER 3. Burglarious and Larcenous Instruments and Deadly Weapons [466 - 469]

Will they help you find real ghosts?

No way that was a word before someone in CA thought it up! Very innovative state indeed!

I’ve just completed checkout for my brand new shiny “burglarious” toy.

How does the prohibition work? I thought Gen 1 scopes were sold in sporting goods shops there. At least I have seen ads when visiting friends in Cali. Paradox? Error?

That’s odd, night vision gear is perfectly legal in California, just don’t have the ability to mount it to a firearm, and this device has no ability to be mounted (just a tripod mount), and no mention of being tough enough to take the shocks of being used on a weapon, and so is legal.

Their wording is vague enough that it’s probably safest to be conservative.

Or in the case of California… liberal?

i assume this is Gen 1 but don’t like the fact that its not specified anywhere. does this have lcd screen or is this ‘proper’ scintillation tube?

Amazon has couple different devices in ~$175 range. does anyone know if this is any better than Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 or Bushnell Night Watch??

The only thing that’s actually illegal in CA is rifle mounted thermal scopes not regular IR night vision. The countries largest high end tactical night vision retailer is located in CA for gods sake.

Sportsmans Guide calls it a gen 1:

What exactly does this mean:

Resolution 36mm

Does this mean I can see a a 36mm size object at any arbitrary distance? Like, if I look at the dark Moon, a Lunar Excursion Module, which is roughly 4 meters on a side will be roughly 100 pixels on a side?

This is so cool!
No wonder it’s illegal in California.

The law disallows night enhancing equipment which could be easily mounted to a firearm. Now, this doesn’t look like it could be (even with bunch of duct tape) but I can’t blame Woot for not wanting to deal with stupid laws like that…

Can’t ship licorice to California either.
What are those people thinking?

Meh…let me know when you sell an Exelis NV Monocular or binocular.

I’m in for one of these. My dead republican grandfather started voting democrat and I need to get to the bottom of this.