Sights and Optics

You guys need to get the Pride Fowler gear back here. Those SOPS and Action-4 deals were freaking phenomenal.

Does anyone know where these binoculars are manufactured?

I don’t own a gun but I kind of want that .50 Cal laser bore sight because it looks cool.

God forbit Woot offer a boresight in, ya know, a caliber people actually use.

Woot traffics in undersold and overstocked items. It makes perfect sense for Woot to carry a .50 caliber bore sight lol.

That said, a .223 boresight would have made my day.

Maybe I Am missing something but isn’t there a universal boresight being sold here?

Probably not as good as a perfect caliber match one, but a boresight should only need to be used to get the scope “close enough” to where you can start seeing where you are hitting on the paper at.

Definitely agree. Although if I recall the model right, I think the SOPS was EOL. The PFI/Pride Fowler/Rapid Reticle deals were really nice.

I picked up one of the sure shot reflex sights on one of the recent woots for my 22. The glass on it cracked after about the 20th shot. I haven’t requested any warranty service yet so I can’t say anything about that. However, if it can’t survive on a little 22, I would have serious doubts about how it would fare on larger guns.

Also, the universal bore-sight that there selling here is the very bottom end model. If you’re thinking about the universal bore-sight there is a much better model they make that has a sort of pin that allows itself to center itself where the barrel is.

I bought the Firefield 1x30 a few months ago. Don’t put it on a full caliber rifle. It shook itself loose from the base, so I superglue the threading down. Then is came off completely from the other side of the screws.

Have you ever held or seen a 50 cal round? This boresight will go in nothing smaller than a chamber for a 50 cal. 50 cal is just about the largest diameter mass produced light weapons round in the world. It simply would not fit in any caliber gun smaller than 50. Go to this picture: and find #56.

That good sir will not fit in the chamber of anything smaller than it’s designed for. Also, it’s overly complicates the sighting in of your sight to use a boresight smaller than what your gun is chambered for, you need stability -not a a round wiggling in the chamber.

He clearly and specifically stated the -universal- boresight. It’s even in your quote. You know, the one that’s being sold for $21.99 in this woot plus. Not the .50cal that’s also being sold here.