Two of the cutest critters ever!

Not Star Wars!

But Toothless doesn’t have blue eyes… The shirt is ruined. It would just look so much better and not washed out if his eyes were pretty and green.

I have a two year old girl who simple adores Stitch. Likely this will be grab for me.

Very cute shirt. I also love the right-up for it - very different style for woot.

Thank you for the thought-provoking write-up!

I’m in love!

This shirt is totally unrealistic. Anyone who knows anything about Experiment 626 - known to luddites as “Stitch” - would be too heavy for a Nightfury (that would be “Toothless,” mouth-breather) to carry.

Silly shirt.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Woot!

Is the image an iron-on transfer?

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

Woot does not use heat transfers (iron-on is a DIY thing). Shirts of the day and those from the top 20 are typically screen printed; shirts ordered from the back catalog are digitally printed on a direct-to-garment printer.

I think that’s the majority of the shirts here. Except for this one. Yep, cats will puke a road while riding a bike. For reals.

No, these are screen printed for the first day prints.

two of my most fav characters! Epic

Congrats dooomy, very sharp graphic.

Stitch and Toothless are two of my 3 favorite characters ever. (Snoopy ranks up there) and I love DoomCat’s creations. However, Doomcat-izing any already perfectly adorable characters just doesn’t work for me. Shame as it really is a cute shirt.

This shirt is a winner! Purchased on Christmas day, we received it on 1/8. My 8 year old has worn it two days in a row, every weekend so far. He’s proclaimed it’s his “favorite shirt ever!”

every now and then there comes a design that I feel 'Man, i wish i had come up with that" this is one of them. Well designed shirt ! (slow clap)