SigTac Stoplite Light and Laser

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SigTac Stoplite Light and Laser
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So is this really 700 lumens, or 450, or 350? Per reviews on amazon, it appears to be a crap shoot what is actually sent, and the AA battery version (which this is) is noted there as NOT 700 lumens. Please confirm the specs.

From ReloadedUtah

I would also like some clarification on this. I want to “pull the trigger” but I want to know what I’m getting for sure.

Holding an object that looks like a gun with a laser streaming off of it is not only a great way to produce lights but sirens too.

This is a grip for a gun. So yes, ideally you would actually have a real gun with a light and laser on it. Not just a handle that would probably get you shot in the same manner

Of course in some areas adding this to a rifle will make it an evil assault rifle.

Because forward grips make it capable of firing 50 clips per magazine!!!1!!11! /sarc

I don’t know if I’d trust this for home defense or anything, but it could be handy on a 10/22 for plinking around in the evening or squirrel hunting at dusk.

So will this work for a handgun as well sans the grip? Wish they would include information like that in their descriptions.

The grip is where the batteries go.

Just a Public Service Announcement, adding the grip to a pistol (such as an AR pistol or AK pistol like the Draco) will convert the pistol into an Any Other Weapon, requiring NFA registration, per ATF rules.

So is it usable, maybe even useful on a pistol, or is that silly talk?

Adding a foregrip to a pistol of any kind makes it an NFA item, an “Any Other Weapon” or AOW.

I’m gonna re-emphasize this, and hopefully reinforce the gravitas of this sale. If you get caught with this thing on a pistol, you WILL PROBABLY GO TO PRISON. I can’t believe Woot is selling this on a non-firearm structured site.

I’m inclined to go on a rant about how airsoft guns can have these, but real guns can’t, and the fact that cops only care about whether it looks like a gun, and that politicians are making laws against scary looking guns regardless of function, but you guys don’t want to read that rant, so I won’t post it…

Hey there! We have confirmed with the buyer that these are approximately 700 lumens based on LED manufacturers specifications.

FYI, most manufacturers inflate the lumens rating. typically you can cut the published number in half for a real world estimate of what you will get.

That is what I want to know. I can’t find any photos of this on a pistol, but I’m thinking it should fit onto a full sized Springfield XD service model, per se. I’m not concerned about the legalities. This would be in the house in case someone tried to break in at night.

Mothership lists the same product as 450 Lum. Not sure if 450 is enough or 700 is too much. Just stating the difference.

After checking this out, I understand now… Ooh and I want one.

owners manual: