Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set- Pick Style

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set- Pick Style

Got mine around X-mas for $18.50 from an Amazon Daily Deal. These are great for meditation, mindfulness exercises, or just in general. They make a very pleasant bell chime sound. Love mine.


These are relatively small, like the two in front of the lady in the second video, just in case someone is concerned about space. I have the blue one, it’s very solid and makes a nice, clear note. It sounds even when sitting on the pillow. I enjoy mine, even when just tapping it in passing.

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Who wrote the description? Does WOOT/Amazon use spell check?

Apparently not. I fixed everything I found.

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Are there any chance of woot branded singing bowls?

Would also substitute wooden woot musical frogs.

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That was interesting on the first frog and irritating by the last one. LOL

What a unique gift idea. I have heard of these but totally forgot about them over the years. I was struggling with gift ideas for someone for a birthday celebration next weekend and this will be perfect.

Since it will not arrive for 8 days if ordered through Woot I ordered the blue one directly off Amazon. After a bit of searching, I found a 15% off discount. Total price was $30.57, including actual free two-day Prime shipping. It will arrive on Wednesday. A pretty good deal, I thought.

Woot’s shipping time tends to be the worst case scenario. I’ve even had stuff arrive the very next day.

The shipping notice arrived after the package did. :laughing:

Has anyone brought these into the office? On a scale of tolerate to shanking you with a office supply crafted weapon how did your coworkers react?

Ah… asking for a friend.


Can I play any Led Zeppelin songs with this?

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Only Stairway.