Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

I have seen these come up several times, what in the world do you do with this?

I leave mine on my desk and hit it every now and then as kind of a fidget toy type deal / to relax. The tone is nice.

I’ve also been using it with my OP-1 to sample the tone and have a nice bell sound for making songs.

Presumably they’re for meditation though.

Interesting - I would whack it 30x a day if I am doing it out of stress

Here’s a sample of the pure tone twice at the beginning when you hit it (and me being silly at the end with my synth):

The sound does go longer than I played on the first two, but I trimmed it for the sample.


@draigun I really like your silliness - so much fun!

Oh I could use it for meal time for my pups and to hold all the chocolate I keep buying from Woot

One of my old friends is a spiritual healer that specializes in sound. I don’t 100% believe in all her stuff, but she is amazing at using singing bowls, chanting, and other meditative sounds.


You gave me the laugh of my life. Thank you wonderful stranger - from the depth of my depressed heart.

My wife uses them in her massage therapy… she puts them on peoples backs, hits the tone n lets it vibrate through the body…


Using a tuner app on my phone, I found mine is very close to an ‘E’ (‘E5’ to be exact) in A=432Hz tuning. It is NOT exactly 432Hz (which is an ‘A’), but if you are into the whole 432Hz stuff, this seems to be on that tuning scale, at least for the one I got. I couldn’t find any documentation about which pitch it should be. On A=440, which is standard tuning, this is a VERY flat E, so you can use it to tune your guitar very roughly :wink: