Silhouette Blue Cameo 3 Craft Bundle

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Silhouette Blue Cameo 3 Craft Bundle
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Some of the classrooms where I work have these things. They’re pretty neat. I’m not an incredibly crafty person, but I think of something to do with one about once a month. In my case, I make a lot of press-on T-shirt designs.

Kind of like an Inkjet printer, consumables are a bit much. You have to replace blades and cutting mats and so on regularly.

Is this Bluetooth?

Been trying to buy for the past 20 minutes doesn’t say sold out let’s you add to cart then won’t let you checkout???

Long time woot customer very dissappointed that it doesn’t say sold out like all your deals do when they are truly sold out think there’s an issue with the site just not letting my wife and I order…???