Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle

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Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle
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Comments from a previous similar sale


We got one of these for Christmas and have been using it for a lot of projects. The dual tool holder (new for version 3) is great but the Bluetooth (also new for 3) does not work very well at all so plan on using the USB connection.

Has anyone ever used one of these to make engine gaskets? What is the thickest material that can be cut?

OK…Y’all talked me into it :slight_smile:

I got one for Christmas and made a bunch of these as gifts:

Can you generate your own content with the software provided, or are you in for another purchase?

can’t you just cut with scissors? Nevermind. A machine is taking over.

You can generate your own content with their software and import SVGs, however you do need to upgrade the software in order to do it. (I think it’s like $30 to upgrade.)

The base software lets you import some formats (DXF, mainly) but it’s really picky. (Ungrouped, no compound lines, etc) I have used one for several years cutting almost exclusively my own designs, but you do have to jump through hoops. If you upgrade ($50 - $100 depending on features you want) you can import SVG and others. I haven’t bothered. It’s annoying to export to DXF and have to manually resize things, but it works with no additional expense.

Is this a new or refurbished machine?

Condition: New

You can create and design your own content, which makes this machine a great one to own. I’ve had mine for years and am still learning new things about what I can do with it on a regular basis.

Does anyone use this to supplement their income?

I do not (because I just ordered one) but I know several people who do. They make custom water bottles, t-shirts, magnets, bumper stickers, string backpacks, tote bags, etc and sell them on Etsy or through other means.
If you’re really artsy (I’m not) and can design your own images, you can sell your design files.
I’m seriously thinking of supplementing my income once I get the gist of this thing. I’m sure there will be a bit of a learning curve.

Yes, you can, though it’s usually simple stuff (circles, squares, text…you can draw vectors in there too.) It’s no Adobe Illustrator but it gets you by.

If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can design something in there, export as a .dxf and pull it into the software…works great, I’ve used it all the time…I love this thing :slight_smile:

I should add, the silhouette online store has a huge library of useful stuff as well.

My favorite item for sale, again. :slight_smile:

To answer previous questions - yes, you can sell items that you’ve made with it, BUT you cannot sell items you have made with files that you did not purchase a commercial license on (commercial licenses are available on many files on the Silhouette Store). So if you design your own, say - using a royalty free font - text based signage and cut them out of vinyl, or maybe put people’s names on things, you can sell that. You can also draw your own things - the software is not terrible, if you’re used to Illustrator you will not find it to be as robust but if you’re new, you’ll like it plenty. You can draw lines, curves, and add shapes together to make new shapes.

If you look at my album of things ( I have made with my Silhouette, you will get an idea of things you can make. The things I designed completely myself in the album are not numerous - I have combined a lot of things and edited a lot of things, but I don’t tend to create from scratch often. The ones I made from scratch totally are: the Mickey Mouse cupcake sticks, the Star Trek card, the Whale painting, the Peppa Pig centerpiece, the Scrabble card, the Scrabble wall tiles, and the door hanger for our wedding. Everything else was purchased, edited, or downloaded from somewhere. I may have made parts (the ears on the pigs for instance) but not the whole thing on others.

I have a friend who cuts heat transfer vinyl names and irons them onto dolls from the dollar store and sells them to friends. She sold over 100 this holiday season for about $6-7 each. She wound up buying a heat press because she was making so many and couldn’t keep up with them using an iron.

I have said it every time before and I’ll say it again - I love my Silhouette Cameo.