Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle

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Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle
Price: $199.99
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This is a great plotter! I got this for my office to customize my product for customers on the fly. I’ve used it at least once a week for the past year and the autoblade still hasn’t been changed.

It’s so effective that customers have asked me to make all sorts of low volume custom stickers and vinyl cuts despite the fact that I am not a sign shop.

The biggest downside has to be the software. It’s easy enough to use and as I mentioned, it cuts very accurately. But any picture graphics that get imported do not retain their quality and print ultra crappy. I ended up creating a template that allows me to use the registration marks and print straight from Illustrator and Photoshop. This is less than Ideal as cut files need to be redone for anything requiring a new cut pattern.

Minus the software the hardware is very close to professional level plotting. Highly, highly recommended.

So, I’m a little confused.

(And lazy. Let’s not overlook lazy.)

It’s a cutter - that’s clear - but you say it’s a plotter also? Will it draw me banners also(so long as they’re 12" wide)?

Yes. There are pens as well as a cutter so you can cut or draw. It is freaking awesome!

Depending on what you’re doing… work only with vectors in Illustrator and export as a SVG file.

Not sure why you have issues with the print quality. I’ve used the Silhouette software for over five years now and I’ve never had bad prints. I’ve even imported images from the web as well as my cell phone. I’ve done photo projects and the images are just as great through the software as air printed.

I have had this on my wish list for months. MONTHS! This was the right price for sure, thanks WOOT!

I bought the Cameo 2 for this price not too long ago, I’m jelly and sad.

Not that the 2 is bad, just this is way better.

Does anyone know what the thickest material this will cut? I am looking to make automobile//motorcycle gaskets

So you can print directly from illustrator with a mac?

I think it’s 2mm.

$269.99 seems to be the “real” price for the Starter Kit. And $245 for just the printer/cutter.

Also, Amazon lowest bundle price was a Flash sale last December for $208. So yes, this is the lowest price.

Thanks. Going to take advantage of this deal. Although my friend keeps saying wait until Black Friday.

Spotted this on Woot a few months ago, but was tok slow to grab it. Had to go with an Amazon bundle. The wife loves it. She’s made tons of shirts and is labeling everything. It has more potential than she currently uses. Great machine.

I purchased this bundle during the June offering. It’s a great device, I’ve used it often, but I have to disagree with a previous poster. I find the software to be clunky and non-intuitive. I have managed my way around it fine, but I am a tech person during my day job. If I were a technological newbie, I would find the learning curve much too high. Having said that, this is a great bundle at a great price, and there is unlimited potential for the types of projects you can create.

I love my Cameo 1, and use it regularly. I am a Mac user. I am not thrilled with the latest software update - the store doesn’t seem to work well, which is frustrating. I am sure they’ll fix it.

To the person who wanted to know about cutting thick things: 2mm, but you need the deep cut blade. Here is a tutorial blog about it.

And if you want to know things I’ve made, I post this every time Woot sells it: Here you go!

This is an awesome deal! I’d be in for one if I didn’t already have three. Well, one Cameo SD and two Cameo 3s.

I use mine mostly for paper crafts, but I do cut vinyl for shirts and car decals when the mood strikes.

2mm thick materials…you might want to check out the Silhouette Curio if wanting to do thicker

Yes. Provided that you are willing to create a template in illustrator with the Cameo registration marks.

Step 1. Create your sticker cut lines in illustrator.
Step 2. Export as a cad file
Step 3. Import to Cameo software
Step 4. Export a copy of the sheet with the registrations as a PDF from Cameo software.
Step 5. Import the PDF to the original illustrator file and line up your cut lines in the export to the cut lines in your original file.
Step 6. Overlay vector objects that trace the registrations on a new layer, then lock the layer with the registrations and delete the PDF import layer.
Step 7. Export the cut file from Cameo Software to a USB card and leave it plugged in.

That’s pretty much it, just reuse the template over and over and it will cut exactly as you design it in illustrator, no Cameo software required.