Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle

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Silhouette Cameo 3 Craft Bundle
Price: $189.99
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I can vouch for this plotter/cutter. I’ve been using it at my office for cutting custom labels for clients. At this point I’ve cut almost 10,000 labels over the past 18 months and it is still going strong and cutting accurately. This price is very good with all the accessories. I would however recommend getting the light tack mat. The regular tack tends to be too sticky and tears paper backing.

Solid $45 cheaper than the mothership. Thanks woot!

The bundle on Amazon isn’t that attractive for my wife’s needs, but this bundle is perfect.

Is the software Mac compatible?

Yes it is.

Kicking myself because I just bought and started using a Curio yesterday.

The silhouette is amazing. My middle kid has this in his makers’ space class at his high school, and I bought this in the September offering. My kids and I have spent hours making paper crafts, vinyl cut outs, thin foam cut outs, plus iron ons (heat transfer vinyl). All of our Thanksgiving guests had customized 3D paper turkeys at their plates… also will be helping a friend customize Yeti mugs for her co-workers.
Frivolous, but fun. No regrets at this price.

My favorite item. I have the 1, and the 3 has so many more features but I’m waiting for a rotary blade… which I’m guessing will be on whatever comes next. I use this thing all the time. Holidays especially! I made heat transfer vinyl for our holiday stockings, gift tags, Christmas cards… you name it. Beyond that I’ve used it for home decor.

Here is my Flickr album of things I’ve made with it:
Things I’ve made with my Silhouette Cameo

This is a super price and the colors are unusual! That pink is awesome. If you’re a crafter this thing is for you.

Yes, it’s Mac compatible. Also it is now iOS and Android compatible (slightly - the software isn’t the same) so you can even cut files from your phone. And it works via bluetooth instead of just USB which gives you so much more leeway - my old v1 has a cord and I always feel tethered to the thing.

what version of software does this come with?
how much to get a commercial use version of the software?

This was my big question so I researched it. The “Specs” tab says it comes with Silhouette Studio Software. This is the most basic version and does not allow you to import your own SVG design files (ones you would create with Inkscape or Illustrator).

This is really lame IMO. As an experienced maker, I consider being able to cut my own designs to be a basic requirement.

Here is more info and where you purchase better software. $50 to import your own SVGs. $100 for the “business” version:

I really, really want a digital cutter because my maker space does not have one. But I feel nickel-and-dimed by Silhouette that I have to upgrade the software to get basic functionality. Thus, I am going to hold out for a different brand.

I bought my wife an original Cameo here a few years ago. She’d like the new one, and there’s a holiday or something coming up, so why not?

My crafting skills end at accidentally supergluing my fingers together. I can’t imagine the damage I’d do with a cutter. I’d probably convert myself to those strings of paper dolls.

thanks! i’m torn… I want one, my brother had a pro cutter of sorts for his ex-wife. I want to play with it first. I know I want at least a K40 Laser cutter in the spring/summer they jumped in price so much for fall/winter buying season…

This weekend, there are/were many discounts on the software upgrades. $20 for the Designer Edition and $35 for the Business Edition (top tier). You buy commercial licenses for designs/fonts, but are free to create and sell any designs you personally make with any version of the software. The Basic Edition is free for anyone (even if you don’t own one of Silhouette’s many machines. To export and save to other file types, you need the top tier Business Edition. Silhouette’s site is having a great discount on their software/designs/select products now, so I’d suggest checking out their website for the details. As a Licensed Instructor, I will recommend the Silhouette over the competitor as you don’t have to be connected with a high speed internet connection to design and use the Cameo.

Go to Amazon and you can get upgrades a lo less expensive.9

The Silhouette software itself, even the free basic studio version is quite powerful on its own. You can create your own files. You can also open .dxf files (like from Inkscape) with the free version that will have the cut lines without having to trace. There are also thousands of .studio files available for purchase or free that you can find for personal or commercial use. I highly recommend Silhouette Cameo. You can download the free software and try it out before you buy the machine.
Also, the Designer Edition of the software can be found online for $25 (sometimes even less) and I think I bought the Business Edition for an additional $35. Much cheaper than Illustrator.
With Silhouette you don’t need an internet connection to use the software (like Cricut).

Mine doesnt work right. Bluetooth doesn’t work with 2012 Macs. Be warned the sticky mats are way too sticky for most applications.

How do I know what type of vinyl was included in the bundle?

This is the information we have:

Bundle includes: CAMEO 3 cutting machine, Silhouette Studio software, power cable and USB cable, two 12-inch cutting mats, autoblade cutting blade, sketch pen starter pack (24 pens total), and vinyl starter pack.

Could someone tell me what type of vinyl came in this bundle?