Silhouette CAMEO 3 Craft Bundle

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Silhouette CAMEO 3 Craft Bundle
Price: $183.99
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Condition: New


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I bought this the last time around. It’s GREAT! Very easy to use! I even use it to create flexible circuit boards out of copper and plastic!

These are great. Cameo is a 2nd tier player in this craft equipment. While this price looks “OK”…Micheal’s routinely puts these on 40% off sales. I ‘think’ they had a slightly large beginners kit for $179 last weekend.

While this is an ok deal if you want a new one…you can find these on the used market for stupid cheap. Local Craigslist had a Cricut with about 30 rolls of premium vinyl and font carts…etc. Sold for $225 (but had easily close to $1500 worth of stuff). Cameo, used, go for about half what the Cricuts go for.

As a licensed instructor of these machine, this is a pretty decent bundle price. Better deals can be had around the holidays, but if you can’t wait, Go For It! The software is more robust for designing your own. If you want basic/simple, yea, go for the Cricuts. The older ‘cartridge’ based Cricuts are being sold dirt cheap once those users try the Silhouette software, as well as for those who don’t have a great, high-speed internet. You only need the internet for the Silhouette to download the software & updates, and to access the Design Store. THAT is the biggest deal breaker for Cricut users to leave and come over to the Silhouette side :slight_smile:

Are there any issues with using Windows 10 with this one? There are a number of comments on the YT video that indicate that a year ago, it was having major Win10 problems. Has that been fixed?

Will it cut Carbon Fabric?

I bought mine a couple of woots ago and am using it on Windows 10 with no issues. HOWEVER, there is a recent software update that has caused many people issues (which they have acknowledged and are working to fix) so I’ve avoided installing that so far. The prior version (the one I’m using) is still available on their website.

no, and a laser engraver won’t either…

yeah firmware upgrade is a problem i here.

Whoa - how do you do that?? My old truck uses a flexible circuit board and I’d love to be able to repro it (or others)