Silhouette Cameo 3 Starter Bundle

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Silhouette Cameo 3 Starter Bundle
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 12 to Tuesday, Dec 13) + transit
Condition: New


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I bought this on Woot (11/17). Both my husband and I are having a blast using it! We’ve made several things so far and are learning more tricks every day. I can’t speak to how Silhouette Studio used to be, but the version out now is very easy to use and has a ton of great features. There’s plenty of tutorials and videos online to help you do just about anything you want to. This item is really a great buy!

Two very good reasons for buying this:

  1. It’s not Cricut
  2. It’s not Cricut

So you’re not locked in to expensive cartridges - you can actually drive this device like a pen plotter from your computer.

I believe this is the best price around on one of these. I paid $50 more and got fewer accessories. These are fun to use and work really well. I’ve customized 30 Yeti style cups with mine for Christmas gifts without a single hitch.

I ended up buying one on the silhouette website on black Friday… and then it later came on the woot off! But, I’ve just been getting around to using it. I like it a lot, except the mat went from being too sticky to not sticky enough it seems. I’ve only made a few things so far. Mine seems super picky about the paper (but that might just be me!).
I haven’t tried any vinyl yet.

I bought one on the the Black Friday deal and I am debating on returning. The software is clunky, it constantly jammed when trying fabric, it cuts too deep using heat transfer material and I have had little luck finding tutorials (other than them wanting you to purchase a cd from someonelse on their website!)

By fay the worst part though is their support. ME-“I am having problems with my silhouette cameo3 cutting vinyl to deep” THEM-"Please provide you model type (basic, mint cameo3 etc, PC type (Mac/WIndows) and a description of the problem with screenshots if possible.

So they don’t read what you write, they provide a canned answer and it takes 4 days for them to respond.

I bet your machine came with an automatic cutter? When you choose the material your cutting an additional window pops up at the bottom of settings. Choose the automatic blade. It will be much better for you.

Thinking about buying this but a question, how does the vinyl stay protected that it doesn’t wash off? It may be a dumb question but if I give out gifts I’d hate for them to just fall off after a couple uses. I’m thinking like coffee mugs or tumblers, thanks

A technique that avoids that problem is to use the vinyl as a mask and etch or paint in the holes. For example: - that one converts dollar store mugs into cherished presents :slight_smile: A good starter project…

You can ‘refresh’ the mats by wiping off with baby wipes. New mats come in several tacks, so you can choose high or low tack in the future.

You use exterior vinyl and use it in items that don’t need frequent cleaning. It’s not going to survive a dishwasher, and I wouldn’t submerge the stuff in hot soapy water, but it works great for stuff like tumblers where the inside gets washed, and the outside can just be wiped clean.

I guess the short answer is, the vinyl is not protected, but it’s pretty strong on its own.

These machines are by far the best value for your crafting dollar.

There are several different types of vinyl grades, when you make your purchase just make sure you store your permanent vinyl separately from the removable or the marine grade. Permanent vinyl will stick to coffee mugs and tumblers for at least a year, but it’s best to hand wash them.

Forgot about this… works great. We etched some Pyrex baking dishes one year and the etching is absolutely permanent. It was also very easy.

Yes, I am using the automatic blade + setting. All materials seem off so I am wondering if it’s a bad blade or machine adjustment

Bought this for my mother it is so complicated I knew she would never ever get any use out of it. To woots credit i received a full refund. don’t see how this would be fun.

What is their customer service like? Cricut’s sucks. Also, how are the training materials and videos? Cricut only seems to care about the most current expensive model. I have a mini and there is nothing out there for it.

Yuck. At least they responded. Cricut didn’t even do that.

I purchased a different bundle recently and have been quite happy with it so far. I picked up some discount glass ornaments and added a design to give custom ornaments to my book club. Plan to do some cutouts for my kid to add to her new bike helmet after Christmas. The software is actually pretty easy to use. There are some great sites with free tutorials, etc. This one is a good starting point and links to a few others.

Does it comes with any software or free download?