Silhouette Cameo Fabric Ink Starter Bundle

Wish I’d seen this a couple days ago… just paid this same price for the smaller Silhouette Portrait :frowning:

I’m so sad, I didn’t have the money until today :frowning:

We’ve had these a few times. Check back, I’m sure they’ll pop up again!

I’m checking maybe 8 times per day or every time I took my computer because I really need this :frowning:


If you sign up for an account on WootStalker, you can go to your profile, and add alerts. Whenever a new item gets added with the keyword you specify, you will get an email right away, making sure you don’t miss it.

For example, if you specify you want to watch for the word Cameo, you’ll get emails for this sale.

Happy Wooting!

Thanks, I’ll be that :slight_smile:

nothing yet :frowning: