Silhouette Cameo Machine Starter Bundle

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Silhouette Cameo Machine Starter Bundle
Price: $179.99
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11/30/2015 - $199.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (5 comments)

Many many many Available Designs in the design store

$20 cheaper than they sold it a couple of weeks ago…wish they had a price matching policy :-/

Totally love this machine. By the way, this is the latest version with the touchscreen, not the older model. and it’s a really good price.
Note that you need to purchase a $50 upgrade code for the program to be able to import SVG, otherwise you’re limited to what you can draw in the program or import or purchase in its own native format.

A great machine to cut vinyl so you can make stencils, stickers, greeting cards… Nice deal.

You can email CS; they can check into any options you have.

Actually if you google How to convert svg files to silhouette you’ll find there’s a way to do so for free. I have a cameo with the basic software. It has served me well, thus far, without buying the upgrade. :slight_smile:

I know someone mentioned that this is the lastest model but I just want to be sure as it is a requested gift. Is this the “Cameo II”?

Yeah, the $20 cheaper thing annoys me too…

And no, I don’t think this is the Cameo II

I bought this the last time it was offered and was so excited to use it. I watched the videos on Youtube on set up and beginning (there are NONE included) loaded the software sent. It immediately told me I had to ‘download an update’ before I could do anything in the online store! I tried…several times. It was always a ‘corrupted’ file. I finally called CS…the person was very tech illiterate but kept me on the phone while I attempted once again with her on the line. When it failed her answer was ‘O it’s your internet connection try another one". Since then, I have tried 3 different wi-fi sources (2 friends’ private, and one public) and 2 different devices (in case it was my computer). SAME RESULTS. I requested a CD for upgrade and was told there ‘isn’t one’. So latest from CS email is, I am pretty much OTL, can’t buy anything in the store, use my gift card, OR upgrade to the designer pro. I am so frustrated because I really had plans for Christmas gifts with this, and am left with an expensive pair of scissors.

Is this machine networkable, or does it need to be plugged directly into a computer?

texsiskk, I had the same problem downloading the update to Silhouette Studio, but I was finally able to download it using Free Download Manager, an open source download manager that will download a file in pieces and assemble it. There is definitely something wrong with their gateway or server, that keeps killing the download connection.

My daughters like this.

LAFink23 and natrldsastr, AFAIK, there is no Cameo 2. There is a “newer” version that came out in October of 2014 that has an lcd touch screen. This definitely is the new one, as the pictures show and the description mention an lcd touchscreen.

Yes, it is.

It does have a usb slot where you can save files to a flash drive and cut them out without it being connected to a computer. Besides that, it would need to be connected to a computer.

If bitserve’s suggestion doesn’t get you working, message me and I’ll see if I can help you out. I just bought one myself and will need to download their newest software too. I won’t quit until I get it working, at which point I can either share the file, or the steps I had to go through to get it working.

I also bought mine for $199 recently, though I missed the Woot sale. That said, having it now instead of buying it now is worth the $20 since I plan to use it to create gifts for the holidays, not give as a gift.

I have been watching the price on this for a long time. I finally bought mine on Black Friday from Amazon for $219. I think this is the best price you ever going to see so if you’re on the fence jump.

It needs to be plugged into your computer via USB.
They have announced new software that will essentially act as a print server, you will run it on the computer the cutter is connected to via USB, and you’ll be able to control it from the new iOS or Android apps. I don’t know if they’ll add the functionality to the desktop version of the app though.

As mentioned above, the machine takes USB sticks (the earlier model had an SD card slot instead) and you can bring your designs over from your computer on a memory stick if a direct USB connection is not convenient. With the new touch screen, this option is much more practical.

The Brother ScanNCut has built-in WiFi, however you do need to purchase a $50 option to activate it.

Thanks so much. I figured this could not be unique Even though CS acted like they never heard of it ( and could care less!) I will try it

Thank you for the offer. I may be in contact after I try the suggestion. I think its a wonderful machine from the bit I’ve been able to do and would like the store options ( even though they have forced me to figure out how to find free things lol!)

Bit Serv’s suggestion worked!!! Thanks again!!