Silhouette Cameo Machine Starter Bundle

Looking for info from anyone who has one of these.

Does the software allow you to import images in EPS or BMP or what?


If you upgrade to their designer version you can import svgs which can be designed and saved in illustrator. There is a “trace” function for jpgs but I haven’t used it much.

Go to the website for their software. Different versions can use different file types.

Which version is this?


There is a great infographic here that shows the file types supported. Some file types may require tracing and others will require turning the cut lines on.

Thanks! Handy reference.

I missed the deal :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:. Anyone know anywhere else I can get it at a comparable price?? Please!?!

I missed it, too. :o( Computer issues and I can’t use a phone at work.