Silhouette Cutting Machine - 2 Styles

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Silhouette Cutting Machine - 2 Styles
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Can you make your own or do you have to download premade designs?

You can make your own via the included software called Silhouette Studio.

Reviews over at Overstock

Time to learn all about Silhouette and about the Cameo model

Will it accept vector drawn images from applications like Illustrator?

Is this the newer 2014 version with rear cutter and blade storage or the older version?

[MOD: this is the new Cameo with the cross cutter on the back and touch screen]

You can make your own with their software, however I prefer to use adobe illustrator and export it as a dxf. I have the smaller Portrait model and freaking love it. Cut a stencil out of freezer paper and iron it on a shirt to bleach it. Cut vinyl stickers for your phone or car. Cut out pop up cards for friends you didn’t buy birthday gifts for. Need lettering for your kids science fair poster? Cut it out. Making papercraft? Wall decals? Craft boxes? Shadowboxes? Etching steel pints? Cut it out.

Yes. Get rid of any fill and set the stroke to black at 1px and export as dxf. Then you can import it into the silhouette software.

The basic software does not natively. There is a way, where you eliminate all color, all grouping/compound lines, and then export as DXF, then import the DXF into the Silhouetter software. The “designer” version of the software which costs a bit extra (look for the cards on eBay or Amazon, don’t pay the straight upgrade fee) has more import features and I think it can do EPS natively without jumping through hoops.

However, the design software is actually fairly robust, and you may find you like it more than you think for designing your own files. You will have to edit the Illustrator files after importing them into the Silhouette program as probably 5-10% of the time they don’t come in perfectly. It is decent software, and it has some features that I wish were in Illustrator because of how user-friendly they are.

Yes. In Illustrator, export as Autocad/2000, then import in Silhouette Studio. Alternatively, there is a paid version of Studio that lets you import svg files, too.

I have an older version of the Silhouette Cameo and I love it. I make my own art with it, cards, etc. And yes, it works on Mac.

What I do NOT like about it - the online shape store has a terrible search engine. They are in the process of re-doing the online shape store, and in that re-model they added the ability to do multi-filters (cards and Christmas because one is a type and the other is a section) but you still cannot do a boolean search. I wanted to find a birthday card with a butterfly and all I get is random butterfly things and random birthday things, not all the things that overlap.

Other issues I have with the software - there is no preview image when you are working in a file that you have in your library/purchased from the store. If I buy a fancy pop up card, once I open the file most of the time it has no instructions or colors and now I have to go back to the store, search for the item again, and take a screenshot of the card which I then open up and keep next to the file I’m working with to see what some of the shapes are supposed to be. A closeable preview window would improve the software immensely and eliminate that need.

Other that that, it’s a lot of fun, and a great tool. I have auto-deliver from Amazon on mats and blades so I always have fresh ones at my disposal.

This is the newer one with the cutting blade in back (the older one, which I have, had buttons instead of this touch screen). Minor improvements, imho, so sticking with this one. A much different and newer machine just released is the Curio. Check out Silhouette America’s website for more details.

I also have the older model of this machine and love it.

I use this as someone else mentioned above to cut freezer paper stencils for clothing (I use fabric paint instead of bleach) and glass etching, cut decals, wall letters, signs, etc.

There is a feature called “print and cut” which allows you to use your home printer to print a design and then the Silhouette to cut out that design. Great for making temporary tattoos, or for large volume embellishments for things like invitations.

Silhouette has its own brand of everything (vinyl, tattoo paper, etching cream, etc.) but my experience has been that better quality and value is had elsewhere.

As someone else mentioned, the online store for designs is less than ideal but search Pinterest or Google and there are tonnes of free designs and online stores that carry Silhouette-compatible designs (although you can make/adapt your own easily).

Other cutting programs also exist (Make the Cut, Sure Cuts a Lot are two).

A friend of mine had a vinyl cutting business, and I used to get him to do small runs for sports teams (helmet decals, window clings, etc) but I can do that all myself, now.

This could be quite a little cottage-industry device with the upcoming elections.

I can imagine all kinds of creative car stickers, etc. “Barf if you like [candidate]” comes to mind.

“Vote NO On Everything” would be another.

If I hadn’t just bought a mic and an induction cooker here, I would have gotten one…oh wait, I have no visual talent.

That’s my wife’s area.

I make my own business cards using an old fashioned paper cutter. How well do these units handle card stock?

I thought it was the older one… thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the new one: