Silicon Power Slim S60 240GB SSD

Silicon Power Slim S60 240GB SSD

Woot, you have made it almost unbearable to browse the forums for your wares.

When a user clicks on ‘join the discussion’, they typically expect to be taken directly to the discussion on the device that they’re looking at, not have to figure out the unknown voodoo ritual necessary to eventually arrive at said forum.

Please tell me that you are getting complaints from lots of potential customers.

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When I click “discuss this deal” on the current deal as of this writing (some dog hair thing)… i go straight to that forum post.

this is the link i used (copied from the page)

not working for you?

There may be some buggy links left - I know what Bitchn is talking about. I’ve clicked “discuss this deal” on some items since the big change and was taken to the top of the Community section, which is pretty bewildering at first visit, especially if you’re expecting a discussion on SSDs (I recommend antibiotics). It does seem to be becoming less frequent …

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understood… so i got lucky (or rather i didn’t get unlucky). anyway, it’s pretty clear there are some bugs from other comments… i try to ignore the “i don’t like…”. can’t please everyone for sure. thanks for pointing out your experience! good to have perspective.

Nope, it links to ‘That page doesn’t exist or is private’.

Curses you Woot!

woah… it links to that for me now too… that’s super strange.

more testing…
direct click… this page doesn’t exist.
right click, open in new tab… bam… worked like it was supposed to… that’s WEIRD!

Same results on my system - hope someone at central hq is reading this …

I wasn’t looking for trouble, but I just clicked “discuss this deal” on the Logitech mouse that just came up on the woot-off and it took me to the main Community page (!), so I backed up, clicked it again and it took me to the proper discussion page (!!). At least I know I’m not imagining things, and there are some bugs in the new setup.

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