SiliconDust Dual HD Digital Tuner

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SiliconDust Dual HD Digital Tuner
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Been a while, so… The SiliconDustwebsite.

[youtube=l3hrt8OW80c] [/youtube]

Here is a video explanation from newegg

The real CNET review: SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual review: SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual - CNET

Seems like a really great way to save some money!!

Does it come with dust?

Sells for $99 on Amazon:

The reviews there look really good too… 4 1/2 star average with just under 100 reviews…

So, could I fire Comcast Cable TV with this and still get programming on the computer?

Edit: Thanks for that CNET link, looks like you can only get unencrypted programming.
Need Comedy Central :frowning:

Great reviews on Amazon
Seems to work with Mythtv
Mfr page shows compatibility with:[list]
[] Windows Media Center
] Elgato EyeTV – DVR for Mac
[] MythTV – DVR for Linux
] SnapStream BeyondTV – DVR for Windows
[] SageTV – DVR for Windows/Linux/Mac
] MediaPortal – DVR for Windows
[] GB-PVR – DVR for Windows
] VLC – Multi-platform media viewer
[*] TSReader – MPEG-2 transport stream analysis

I’m in. Thanks!

dammit just bought one for $30 more than this, still worth every penny. had an original one for 6 years before i broke it.

this thing is really small, but effective ATSC tuner for all your networked devices. Also does unencrypted QAM over your cable lines if you get crappy reception.

silicon dust has the best customer service and a great community behind this product

Something about that little red light made me think that woot was selling Portal turrets for a moment.

Does it work when you need a digital adapter just to watch tv? I have comcast. Just plugging in your tv into the wall doesn’t work anymore.

So, it won’t work with encrypted channels. That leaves what? The Home Shopping Network. WOOT!

XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center) is my favorite free media/home theater server. XBMC natively supports HD Homerun Devices and works great.

If you need help with XBMC HD Homerun setup check here.

I am using one of these now, and they are great.

These are primarily designed for use with OTA signals, but they will tune in non-encrypted QAM channels from digital cable.

Meaning it will NOT replace your cable box. You would be looking for the HDHomeRunner Prime and a cable card for that.

A Comparison Guide for the HDHomeRun Product Line may also be helpful.

Product site:

Decent price here on woot!

This might be awesome… if there were any shows left on TV that I watch anymore.

Yes, it will work with the new digital basic cable requirements, IF your cable provider broadcasts these signals in clear QAM. If your basic cable channels are encrypted, this is not for you - you need a device that accepts a cable card.

This device will definitely receive LOCAL broadcast channels over the air and through your cable provider - cable companies are required to transmit the local channels in the clear with QAM modulation. It may or may not receive other cable channels though - check with your provider to see if they broadcast your favorite channels in clear QAM or not.

Oh, and it won’t receive analog channels.

If this was first connected to the little digital box from Comcast, could I get all the digi-cable channels I know get (vs. only the OTA channels, which are basically the 4 big networks)?