SiliconDust Dual HD Digital Tuner

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SiliconDust Dual HD Digital Tuner
$69.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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waiting around for the crunchy over bacon is started to make this place smell like leathery burnt bacon…

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is this really the last woot off???

I’m intrigued by this thing, but not $75 intrigued.

Meh, I never could count. I beat the wootbot once a while back… still proud of that.

Seriously though, I’f I didn’t already have a nice digital tuner like this, I’d be in for one (or three, you know, if I could clone myself). It’s a legitimately solid piece of hardware. And, for those of us who tune some or all of our channels over the air, it’s a handy tool!

Wi-Fi? No? Just wired network? Meh.


Windows Media Center
Elgato EyeTV - DVR for Mac
MythTV - DVR for Linux
SnapStream BeyondTV - DVR for Windows
SageTV - DVR for Windows/Linux/Mac
MediaPortal - DVR for Windows
GB-PVR - DVR for Windows
VLC - Multi-platform media viewer
TSReader - MPEG-2 transport stream analysis


Have to plug into Coax anyway… most people have that near their router.

can you record DVD’s from the files ? another words do you have access to convert whats recorded on DVR to a DVD?

Think of it as a functional over the air digital tuner, which is also compatible with QAM unencrypted digital cable. Now think of it as not being just hooked up to one computer, but all computers in the house.

Every $500 computer now becomes a $40 television! Awesome, huh?

Well, it is, dang it.

depends on what DVR you use.

looks like a vacuum cleaner.


Woot sure does want us to sit around on our butts all day staring at streaming media…
tv’s Roku’s and this

No CableCard though?

So basically unless your cable company has unencrypted channels you are stuck with overt the air broadcasts (and you would need an antenna)

I have one they work great, I wanted another and it was gone way too fast!!

Most cable companies use QAM over cable broadcasting of over the air channels, information channels, and some limited offerings; mine also oddly broadcasts all pay per view movies over one of ten unencrypted QAM channels. So, umm, I’ve tripped over quite a few specials for free this way.