SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)

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SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)
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Will this work on Direct TV?

Cable only, no satellite per above posted link.

EDIT: Personal note

I’ll be contacting Comcast to find out how much they’ll charge me to ‘rent’ the cable card. I REALLY hope it’s not more than the box I’m already paying for.

Nope. Only works with CableCard.

They have an Android App that lets you stream LIVE premium TV (like my Game of Thrones on HBO) to my tablet anywhere in my house - I don’t know any other app that let’s me watch LIVE subscription TV

Got a question? Check out the forums and check out the product page


I have the Prime (and another SiliconDust unit) and it is great for HTPC. It works well with Windows Media Player as well as XMBC.
However, I have never been able to get mine to share the streams over WiFi with other HTPC running Media Center which really irritates me. Works fine with the HDHR’s own TV-watching software (QuickTV), but Media Center won’t pick up the stream over WiFi for some reason.
Aside from that I definitely recommend this for people looking to ditch cable box and go toward an HTPC set-up. Another thing to note if you are considering that, you can kiss your On-Demand stuff goodbye because it won’t work through an HTPC set-up, only cable boxes.

FYI this will also work with Fios.

First cable card is free but they will still charge you a ‘HD fee’ of like $10 a month, if you want HD channels. Chances are you’re paying that already anyway unless you have a triple play package.

Note, despite whatever the idoit you get says, by law they must give you the ability to rent a cable card and you should actually get a discount from the normal rate.

Typically on Comcast the first device (card or box) on an account is free, and additional cards are around $1.50-2.00. Some areas may charge an extra outlet fee. Either way, it is required to be less than the cost of a normal box because FCC rules require that providers differentiate between the cost of a card and the cost of whatever the card goes in. If you use your own device, they accomplish this via a customer-owned device discount. Good resource on the subject is the FCC’s website

Comcast charges me $1.50 for the extra cable card, and it was no hassle getting one from them.

Have one from last woot of this. Works great with media center and xbox 360 extender. Way better than a box.

Just in case it wasn’t clear from the specs, HDHomeRun PRIME is designed solely for use with digital cable systems. This includes providers such as Comcast, TWC, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Brighthouse, Suddenlink, Mediacom, and FiOS (both Verizon and Frontier). It will not work with an antenna, IPTV services such as AT&T U-verse or Google Fiber, or satellite services such as DirecTV or Dish Network.

So will it work with someone who has cable but not a cablebox/cablecard? I get a few digital channels too (local HD and the music channels).

Also, DLNA? Does that mean it will work with, for example, a smart tv like the Samsung ones which support playing from DLNA?

The box has worked reliably for me with Windows Media Center on both Windows 7 and 8, and works occasionally with VLC on my Mac. I spent some time trying to get it to work with XBMC and MythTV, but eventually gave up with little success.

If you have WMC on Win 7 or 8, it should be straightforward to set up. The instructions on the SiliconDust web site are helpful, and should get you through any rough spots. If you’re planning to use this box with a different media server then prepare to spend a fair bit of time and energy getting it to work.

Comcast was very helpful in getting the card activated and running with the box. I called their activation line and mentioned that I was using an HD HomeRun Prime and the technician responded with a chirpy “no problem!”. I don’t know if their attitude has changed since I set this up.

All that said, the device isn’t really plug and play. It takes a bit of configuration of the device, Windows and WMC to get all the stars aligned. However, once everything is set up properly it works like a champ.

It will work for unencrypted digital cable (“clear QAM”) channels without a CableCARD. Most of the major providers (Comcast, TWC, Charter, RCN, Cablevision, and likely Brighthouse) are in the process of going 100% encrypted nationwide, so that will require a CableCARD when it happens in your area.

DLNA compatibility varies widely from one manufacturer to the next and even one model to the next. Some large manufacturers (Vizio) don’t implement it at all, while others (LG) implement it, but don’t implement portions of the spec that are needed for live streams to work, but are optional for players to implement (they can only play back existing saved files). With Samsung, some models work perfectly, while others have discovery or playback issues.

I have one of these. It works great with Windows MCE. It wont’ work with any system that’s not cablelabs certified (e.g. XMBC). Also - be aware that you really need to use a wired connection to get an artifact-free tv picture. If you watch over wifi, I found you get a lot of pixellation

Yeah, it says you don’t have to use a Cable Box, but you STILL have to pay for their cable CARD! They’re as much as a cable box now, because of stuff like this. Cable Cards usd to be $2.99 a month, well, they’re NOT anymore, so this is no deal by any definition of the term DEAL…

[MOD: Please see wooter posts below about obtaining a cablecard.]