SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)

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SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)
Price: $89.99
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I’ve had a HDHR Prime for about two years and love it. We have a lot of computers running Media Center and, paired with a quality wireless router, it streams live Tv to them flawlessly.
I’m thinking about getting another for a total of six tuners but I have a big HD full of shows I don’t have time to watch. If you have a large household you may want 6 tuners and at this price that isn’t bad for two units.
Also works with xbmc if you aren’t into Windows. Note that you cannot access OnDemand stuff, at least not that I have figured out.

If you need more details, here’s great vid by Lon.


I got mine from a previous woot! sale and I love it. I use it with Win7 Media Center using an Xbox360 as a media center extender.

One nice thing is that with Time Warner Cable it only costs $2.50/mo for the cable card instead of paying like $20/mo for an HD DVR with limited space and crappy interface so it has saved me quite a bit of money over the years.

The only thing you miss out on is that it can’t do On Demand. Since HBO Go [also run through the Xbox360] gets me most of the shows I’d watch through On Demand anyway, I haven’t really missed it.

Does anyone know if this will work without cable? Can I hook this up to my Mohu Leaf and be able to watch TV/record onto any devise?


Would the Roku unit allow someone to stream to it with the functionality of their remote to change channels?

How bout the M series vizio smart tv I bought here a while back?

I rent 3 rooms and trying to figure out a way to cut some costs and I’d love to dump comcasts cable box fees.

It does work with an antenna for OTA channels without inserting a cablecard. I used it that way for a while before having time to sit around at a Comcast service center and get one.

No! [The HDHomeRun Prime] “is not compatible with satellite providers (DirecTV/Dish Network), IPTV providers (AT&T U-verse), or antennas.” It’s for digital cable only.

ref: the Prime’s product page at as well as my own trial with the device.

The Prime worked wonderfully with TimeWarner (Cable) here in Austin when using a cablecard, but for “over the air” ATSC I’m using and recommend the HDHomerun Extend boxes (which include 2 tuners and configurable transcoding).

Hope this helps.

Do you use Windows Media Center, XBMC or does the unit have an interface?

Can you watch the shows on any TV on your network?

Do the shows record on your computer or on the Silicon dust unit?

I had the 2-tuner model for years before I switched it out for a Ceton Cablecard tuner. GREAT product and support. If you’re in the market, SiliconDust is the best and this item has proved itself time and time again.

Is this basically a sling box?

  1. I use XBMC on my AmazonFire Stick to watch TV and Media Center on my Xbox 360 and PC, but there is an HD Homerun App you can download free for PC. There’s also a mobile app for Android and iOS.

  2. I beleive there is a way to watch recorded TV anywhere on your network, but I haven’t set that up on mine yet. So right now, I can only watch recorded shows on the same TV that I set the recording. If you’re asking about live TV, you can watch on any device on your network as long as you have a compatible application installed (and you’re using less than 3 tuners across the whole network at that given time).

  3. They record on your device. The HD Homerun prime has no storage built-in.

No, not quite. For me, this is mainly to get rid of the comcast cost of renting cable boxes, routers, and modems. If you have a device at each TV (PC, roku, amazon fire TV, xbox360, ps3, etc), you can watch live TV anywhere on your local network. You won’t be able to push live TV to your phone if your phone isn’t connected to your home network.

Not compatible with AT&T Uverse, just in case anyone was wondering.

From the specs page listed in this sale:

Compatible Providers:

HDHomeRun Prime is designed for use with digital cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, Bright House, and Verizon/Frontier FiOS. It is not compatible with satellite providers (DirecTV/Dish Network), IPTV providers (AT&T U-verse), or antennas.

We have your run of the mill basic cable, no premium channels. We do not need boxes or converters or anything to watch it. We receive digital channels that are currently unencrypted, though I’m sure that is going to change sooner or later. Would this work for us now without the cable card or does it require the card to function?

Yes it needs cable cards! Great device!