SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)

**Item: **SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)
Price: $99.99
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Seriously? I literally just got one of these delivered TODAY from Amazon, and paid $150.

I must say, it is a pretty nice device. Certainly worth it, and an awesome addition to my HTPC setup. Can save you $10-20/month from having to rent a cable box from your provider as well. Just get the CableCard ($2-3/mo) and slap it in this thing, good to go.

BTW, the iOS compatibility may not be as good as stated on the box/website. Everything else works great though.

Does this work with a tuning adapter for the SDV channels?


Can this record direct to a Synology NAS?

Let’s watch a video [youtube=6ug5jx6angI][/youtube]

I purchased one of these from Newegg for $130 in August when I moved into my new neighborhood with 75/50 Fios.

A few major points

  • Only Windows Media Center can decode premium channels like HBO with a Cable Card in the HDHR Prime.

  • If you can’t use WMC, you need to use a PVR service (NextPVR is a great open-source one that works with XBMC, but it’s still jittery quality while playing back non-transcoded recordings, it seems.

-You will need to purchase a yearly or monthly package to a schedule program like Schedules Direct, so you can know what’s on at certain times.

-Cable cards are like $3-8 per month, instead of $20-30 for the company’s DVR. You will save money, but it will take some work.

-You need a set-top-box for on-demand content, but we just use a Chromecast and our Ouya to take care of that.

-My set up is HDHR -> NextPVR -> MCEBuddy to mp4 -> PLEX on all devices. My recordings are in high definition and commercials are skipped.

4/5 on this one

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

This isn’t the recording device - think of it as a set-top-box that can’t do on demand that can watch 3 different channels at once with a cable card installed (Can be watched by more than 3 devices.)

I don’t see an HDMI port. How does this interact with the TV in high definition without an HDMI?

Is it only wireless with smart tv’s?

I have been looking for something that will allow me to watch my cable or media from my laptop on any tv in my house. Will this do that? Can I use this to send video from my pc to my tv, or only from my tv to my pc?

I would think there would be more devices out there to help with this that would keep people from having to rent whole home dvr’s.

Can I still use this device in Vancouver Canada? Thanks

I assume this won’t work if I have Windows 8?

I don’t think it interacts with your TV directly. I don’t think you even need a TV. It takes the cable signal and makes the video available via your network.

This should work with Win 8 Pro or Win 8 Home but you have to purchase the media center add on if you have home. This will not work with Win 8 Enterprise as enterprise does not have media center and you cannot, at this time, purchase the media center add on for it.

not true there are open source pvr options available

there is NextPVR, MediaPortal, and MythTV (also SageTV which was java based but then acquired by Google Fiber in 2011)

looks like there are some issues with getting the channels (Electronic Programming Guide) as well as transcoding for some devices.

however this is nothing that a little hacking wont fix.

btw has anybody had experience using these things with DLNA?

I picked up a SiliconDust dual awhile back. What does this one do that the dual can’t? What would be the benefit in upgrading to this model?

The Prime uses a CableCard to be able to decode encrypted cable channels. Some providers, like Comcast in my area, are encrypting just about everything. Also, this has 3 tuners vs. 2 in the Dual.

I bought one of these after my good experience with a dual-tune HDHR. The Prime performs great, records HD content on all three tuners simultaneously with not issues.
My only gripe is that I cannot get it to work across a wireless network with Media Center. My HTPC is hardwired directly to the unit and tuners are recognized fine, but for some reason no matter what I have tried Media Center will not recognize the tuners wirelessly on my other PCs. Not a huge deal, because as others have stated there are alternatives. If I want to watch TV on my office computer I just throw on the software that comes with the system, HDHR QuickTV.
It also doesn’t work with OnDemand or HBO OnDemand, etc. so that is a bummer you still need to have a set-top box around.

I hope this is a sign that they will be offering the dual channel tuners soon. I have one, but would like 4 tuners, as there are sometimes 3 or 4 shows that I want to record at the same time. (Yeah, I watch a lot of TV!)