SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)

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I purchased one of these from Newegg for $130 in August when I moved into my new neighborhood with 75/50 Fios.

A few major points

  • Only Windows Media Center can decode premium channels like HBO with a Cable Card in the HDHR Prime.

  • If you can’t use WMC, you need to use a PVR service (NextPVR is a great open-source one that works with XBMC, but it’s still jittery quality while playing back non-transcoded recordings, it seems.

-You will need to purchase a yearly or monthly package to a schedule program like Schedules Direct, so you can know what’s on at certain times.

-Cable cards are like $3-8 per month, instead of $20-30 for the company’s DVR. You will save money, but it will take some work.

-You need a set-top-box for on-demand content, but we just use a Chromecast and our Ouya to take care of that.

-My set up is HDHR -> NextPVR -> MCEBuddy to mp4 -> PLEX on all devices. My recordings are in high definition and commercials are skipped.

4/5 on this one


Let’s watch a video from Tiger Direct[youtube=6ug5jx6angI][/youtube]

It keeps saying on your Smart TV. Is there a list of supported Smart TVs? I don’t want to buy this if it doesn’t work with a smart TV app that isn’t available for my TV…

I’m considering purchasing this, but am also considering the G-Box Midnight. From what I’ve read, and I very well may be wrong, it seems that the G-Box alone is not able to record TV shows. Is there a way that I can use the HDHomeRun in conjunction with the G-Box to record media?

Bought one of these a little over a year ago, I love it works great!

Can I use the RF in from an antenna instead of the cable card?

The only brand of smart tv that actually has an app for this is samsung (

I use this with Windows Media Center on my desktop, and then use my Xbox360 as a Windows Media Extender.

You can also access the channels on any device/TV that has DLNA (My LG does Have DLNA, but it honestly doesn’t work very well over the wireless, and I haven’t cared enough to try it over ethernet)


The HDHomeRun does that but apparently not the prime

As a quick-and-dirty summary, this device enables your computer network to be able to read cable video (converts coax -> network). To get use out of it, you’ll need devices on your network that know how to stream from it.

Most home DVR software knows how to stream from SiliconDust devices. Also, as of this summer’s firmware if I recall, the Prime is also DLNA compatible.

It’s an awesome device if you’re looking to make your own DVR or just a more seamless home media experience - I bought when it first came out and haven’t had any issues with it.

I highly recommend googling your cable provider and region with the prime to see about installation issues; some providers / areas are painless, others a pain-in-the-neck to get activated

Can this be used in a plug-and-play way to replace my cable boxes? That is, if I didn’t care about streaming content to my PCs or whatever, and I didn’t care about the channel guide, premium channels, or VOD, can I just plug in a cable card and swap my cable box for this thing?

No. This is not a one for one cable box replacement. It requires that you have some sort of device for each TV, either a PC or DLNA capable device, that can take the recorded data or live stream and display it on your TV.

It does not directly connect to your TV.

The thought of having this working for my kids with commercial skipping is very tempting. I have a very good use-case for it. Are you saying that if I’m comfortable with Windows Media Center, I’m good to go? Is there anything specific required from the PC (e.g., HDMI output)?

Been using one for about a year. works great! If using with WMC be sure to have windows digital cable advisor installed. Was a pain to set up in XBMC

Hmmm… I’m on the fence with this. I’m getting an XboxOne and I have a Roku already. Can I use this with both?

Is the XBone going to have media center installed?
I just installed mine today from the last time it was out, and so far Ive only set it up on a media pc thats tied to a projector. Set up was realtively easy, and the biggest bonus was HD channels. Since we don’t watch a ton of TV, that is directly, I have the bare bones digital service from Xfinity, and I didn’t want to pay the surplus for a HD digital box. But after install, I have all the regular SD channels I had before , plus many of there HD counterparts. That alone saves $10 a month, so in essence pays for itself in under a year.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (3 Tuners)
Price: $99.99
Condition: New

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I looked at it and it was too good to pass up so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I have a smart T.V. in my man-cave so I’m good to go.