SiliconDust Streaming Boxes

What does a steaming box do?

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A streaming box like a Roku, which shows up here a lot, allows you to watch shows using your internet connection to “stream” the shows to your TV. A box like this allows you to record free over the air TV to a hard drive and then stream it to your TV and also access that content away from your home using your phone, a tablet, laptop etc . . .

Does the Simple.TV box include a Lifetime Premiere Subscription like in the past?

No, this is not the Premiere version.

I was trying to figure out if the Simple.TV box, could be used as just a SilconDust tuner (aka, if the subscription ran out for example). One thing I saw, was it didn’t do DLNA, so I am wondering what is uses to stream the content?

I have a CableCard from Comcast on one of my TVs. Will I have access to all those channels that I have now on the HDHomeRun Prime?

Also, with the iPad App (instaTV), will I be able to AirPlay HD channels to an Apple TV?

You would likely have to call comcast to assign the hdprime as a new device - even though you have registered the card, it probably won’t work in a new device until you do so. I have an hdprime and it works quite well. I have a win7 HTPC which I use media center as a tuner&dvr works great. HOWEVER, the android app from silicon dust (which you pay for) does not work on a lot of devices. I would imagine any apple products will work though.

What resolution can it stream? Will any of them do 4K?

Been loving the single tuner dvr with lifetime service. If I upgrade to the dual tuner listed here, can I still use my lifetime subscription service which came with the first box? Can I use both boxes with one lifetime subscription? Is simple tv now a product of SiliconDust? Thanks for any comments.

Once you get a the device and card registered with Comcast, you should be able to access the channels as you would on your TV.
HOWEVER, you will not be able to get On-Demand stuff or PPV through WMC.

I’d like to add that last time these were up for sale I wrote that I could not get WMC to work with the Prime over wireless. Since then, I have upgraded my router and have had no issues sending HDTV broadcasts over my wireless network using the Prime and WMC (Comcast HD cable).
Hope this helps anyone, also I def. recommend the Prime. I also have the dual-tune unit that sits in a closet (works great but the Prime is now more suitable for my needs).

Not sure about the last question, but regarding the first two, you definitely can transfer your subscription to the new device, and you can maintain the subscriptions on both devices.

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