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So is the Prime for cable only, as in no over the air (ATSC) tuning from an antenna? And is that the main reason why it’s the same price as the Dual even though it has an extra tuner?

Time to learn all about Silicon Dust and check out the product page for Prime, Plus and Dual

and lets learn all about

The Prime is cable only. The HDHomeRun PLus is a broadcast tuner (actually 2 tuners).

I have the HomeRun Plus in my theater system- it streams broadcast video to the PS3 connected to my projector and to computers on my network. Works great, but no controls for tint, saturation, etc. There is also no channel guide, so you need to look up schedules on the web. Switching channels takes a few seconds for the device to respond. This is one of the very few stand alone broadcast TV tuners you can use in a theater system.

The HDHomerun is a teriffic, inexpensive signal analyzer for broadcast TV. Plug one in to your coax and you can use a laptop or android phone to point your antenna. Set each tuner to a different station to ensure each is at peak performance. In addition to signal strength, the HDHR will report signal quality and symbol quality.

Dose the simple.TV unit come with lifetime simple.TV premier subscription?

No. Best deal on lifetime is to get a v1 with lifetime from ebay for ~$100. Both DVRs will work with the same lifetime service.

Combine the prime with HDHRFling and turn your Roku box into a cable box. You can also use it to watch cable on any device in your home or not. Pretty slick. Been using it for about a month now and it works nice. Need a decent PC though.

I’ve had a cable TV setup involving the HDHomeRun Prime, a dedicated PC running 24/7 (our office desktop), and four XBox 360’s for about 3 years now. They’re all connected by hardwired ethernet. It involves having some patience at setup and it’ll have hiccups now and then but it’s always back to normal by power cycling everything. I can’t see any reason to stop using this setup. I figure it’s saving us at least $30 per month in device rental fees and as long as WMC is supported with Windows we’ll continue with it. Microsoft was thinking ahead of the curve when they designed WMC and having XBox 360’s as extenders, but unfortunately it never caught on mainstream.

Can these simple devices be pooled?

Oh yes! I have five Simple DVRs. One is called Sitcoms, one is called Dramas, one is called Movies, and one is called HowToAndInfo. While all can be used for live tuning of any channel, I record programming on specific DVRs. When my wife starts a session on a Roku, she chooses the ‘genre’ she wants to watch and finds all of her shows.