Silicone Stretch Lids. Assorted, 18-Pack

Silicone Stretch Lids. Assorted, 18-Pack

We were disappointed in these covers. We found that they fit very fews of our bowls.


Appreciate the heads up.

What are the sizes? Does “Assorted” mean woot chooses, or is it a fixed distribution?

Found these on amazon for $15.99, only $1 more. The $49 list price is entirely bogus.
Reviews point out vendor pays for good reviews.
Doesn’t mean I know if these are good or bad, but… :thinking:

List price = MSRP <> Amazon/retail price.

Decided I might buy these anyway, then I saw your ridicules review. :nauseated_face:
I’m out.


It’s not a review.

She was saying that the$49 list price is NOT bogus, since it’s NOT the going price on Amazon.

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