SILIGUN Caulking Gun

SILIGUN Caulking Gun

First time to see this. I can see how it could come in handy on some hard to get places. The only thing they do not point out when they are bragging about cutting the tube down to 4 inches to get into tight spots is the fact that you only have 4 inches of calk to use ! I would not mind having one to use along side my 18v Ryobi and my standard metal calk guns but just not at these prices. I will wait for the price to drop under $10 each , should that day ever come.
Oh yes. The really only down side that was pointed out in most of the video reviews I watched of this calk gun was the fact that once you start using it you can not rotate the tip to change the angle of the calk coming out without totally removing the tube and reinserting it. If you do buy one make sure to look for the metal pin located in the handle that you use to pierce the seal down inside the tip of the tube once you cut the tip off. BOZ


And with fond memories of woot’s “Caulk Talk


I mean, I get it’s for silicone caulk, and I’m sure they’re very proud of their design, but I feel like they undercut themselves by naming it "sili-gun’…🤦