Silo 24” 1080p LED HDTV

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Silo 24" 1080p LED HDTV
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Boy; this is really an outstanding deal. Usually, $10/inch is a good deal for a refurb LCD TV. This one is new, and closer to $6/inch.

[Edit: okay, actually $6.67]

And full HD, too. If I needed a TV, I’d be all over this. (Don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but seriously…)

And, yes, you can use it for a computer monitor; it has VGA and HDMI plugs, so it can be a first or second monitor, as long as your PC or video card is new-ish, and at least it can be a first monitor, even if your PC’s old.

Eye like it!

Would this serve as a computer monitor? IE, can anyone shed light on the difference between this and my 22" LED 1080p Viewsonic monitor, aside from this one having more connection options, a tuner and a remote?

More pictures here:

1080p for a 24" TV seems to me like overkill… but it’d be great for a computer monitor. Buy it to hook up to your desktop or laptop, and you get the TV tuner thrown in for ‘free’ :slight_smile:

Silo? Any word on warranty/service? Quality?

Silo, when I was young —
I used to call your name
When no one else would come,
Silo, you always came
And we’d watch TV …

Having 1920 x 1080 resolution at this size, it would probably make a decent combo TV & computer monitor for your kid heading to college this fall. Most 1080p 24" computer monitors (w/out TV tuner) are more expensive than this.

My dual 19" tube (gasp!) monitors are starting to look like it’s time to go… wish I had the spare coin right now.

But if you don’t want to wait for shipping…

I may be in for one - just need to see some reviews. I hunted, but came up empty handed. TigerDirect had one review from someone where they got one of these DOA.

Forget TV, looks to me like this would make a very nice computer monitor.

60Hz refresh

At 48w max this will run off almost any inverter, so would make a great car/travel/more portable LCD as well.

Late at night I use headphones in a jack that shuts off tv speaker sound. Does this set have this jack?

Description says it has a headphone out jack, so I’d assume so.

Question - my grandma is looking for a new TV. She doesn’t have cable and doesn’t have any sort of convertor box or external antenna. Will she be able to pull in her local stations with this TV, without having to buy anything else? Thanks!

To the folks thinking this would make a good monitor…

Probably not. The dot pitch on a TV is generally WAY worse than a computer monitor. I know it sounds like “resolution=resolution, 1920x1080=1920x1080” but as a rule it just ain’t so. Small computer text is MUCH harder to read on a TV, even at 1080p.

And you can get a bargain 24" monitor for not much more than this.

I know you’ll do it anyway, but remember you were warned. :slight_smile:

Two vendors on Amazon have this tv for around a hundred bucks more. No reviews though.

It doesn’t look like it has a DVI input. Otherwise it looks nice.

I think it’s interesting to note that there’s no SquareTrade warranty offered for this TV/Monitor - while there was one offered for the last TV on woot - which was still an offbrand “Protron”.

If squaretrade was willing to warranty that no-name model, but not this one…
That alone tells me to pass on tonight’s woot.

This TV has a built-in Tuner. All she needs is an antenna (indoor/outdoor) and she can watch all the over-the-air channels for free.