Silo 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

Bought this TV on the last deal and so far it is working great!

What the hell is a Silo?

That sure is a nice price…

Looks as if he’s practicing his hook. The way that he has his right hand is called the mug position. Like holding a beer mug.

How much does it hz?

What is a Silo?

Just like the TV I bought, I don’t see the S-Video connection on this one either!

Looks like 60Hz, according to an earlier deal with Woot for this same item:

I’ve been waiting a while for a nice sized HD TV on woot and now that it’s here I just can’t pull the trigger :frowning:


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Dagnabbit. I got the 40"-er for $385 a few months ago, this is a better dollar-to inch ratio!! But I can’t complain, it runs CoD:Blops fine and looks nice at 1080p via HDMI on Xbox. Speakers are very tinny, however, so upgrade quickly. Or use a headset.

How would you say the picture quality is? I’m thinking about getting it even though I’ve never heard of this company.

The lack of reviews just about everywhere is a little worrying.

Good bedroom size.

Is this LED back-lit?

Picture quality is decent for the price. Nothing extravagant, but gets the job done, and done quite well (in my opinion). Must say, it needs the HD cable connected to get the best picture available (as I am sure this is a given, yet something I did not realize until we were setting it up). It is able to swivel and turn directions. Probably could do a 360, but we haven’t tried that one yet… For what we use it for, it works great. Woot woot!

It looks like a black and white picture which takes me back to my youth. Anyone else here remember the first show they saw in color?

Mine was “Walt Disney’s Wonerful World of Color.”

How is the motion blur? Notice it at all on 360?

I love you, Woot, but I have a confession.

I’m… a little tired of televisions, monitors, and vacuum cleaners.

My house is really, REALLY clean now and I’m very entertained watching my favorite shows on fourteen different HDTVs I’ve bought from you while I clean the floor all day with a dyson (that I’ve bought from you) in each hand, dodging the roombas (purchased, coincidentally, at one that are darting around beneath my feet like stray kittens.

When the neigbhors start to complain about the noise from all the vacuuming, I play on one of the eighty-three new or refurb laptops stationed around the house that I’ve bought from you.

I miss two-for-tuesday, and I miss the small things. I miss the $4 memory cards, I miss the cheap little gadgets. It’s the little things, Woot. My pocketbook is near empty and the electric bill from all of these devices is killing me. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to bring myself to play with one of the eighteen boxes of buckyballs I’ve bought from you to fend off the sadness.

Woot… are you breaking up with me? Be honest. I know I’m not as well-off as I used to be. I spent it all buying heavily discounted - but still expensive - major consumer electronic devices from you, and now I can’t keep up anymore. But you keep on selling them and I keep trying to buy what you’re selling, but I just can’t anymore. Is that the way you wanted it? Maybe you could’ve just, you know, talked to me a little, first. Good communication is key to a great relationship, and I’m feeling out of touch. Even your snarky, fun product information hasn’t been able to cheer me up lately. I’d like to say it’s not you, it’s me - but is it, really? I’m feeling pushed away, Woot. Left behind. Is that the way you want it to be?

I’ll be in my room, sobbing gently into a pile of random shirt.Woots, if you… if you need anything from me, Woot. If you even want anything from me anymore.