Silva Tech Alti-Ski Watch

…a little too slooooooow!

c`mon alaska…do ur part. you guys need it the most

In just three short months you have eight comments and each has moved me and taken on special meaning in my life…

for the ultibaconchallenge lover… mmmmmM

Hmmm, ok. But I was just mocking the previous woots. Espresso machine, then coffee… Sort of a cart before the horse if you will.

(the “mean one” got put on probation…)

“The inegral barometer will keep you from guessing when the weather might take a turn for the worse”
OMG … this watch is cooler than the weather rock I like to carry around. With that damn rock it has to be already wet for me to know its raining …

i hit it for 1…i do like that it can give barometer and temp readings, making it a great camping/hiking/skiing/outdoors watch…being priced at a pretty good discount sold it for me…

Oooo! I want a Trader Joe’s balloon!

How do I get one? I’ve never been to one of their stores… (I don’t think there are any in so fla)

Just as an FYI, acknowledging the existence of any volunteer moderator- unless it’s unequivocal praise or they happen to be in a very good mood- seems to be grounds for probation. I know you got probed for meanness yesterday, so I was warning ya. :slight_smile:

thank you ive enjoyed reading all ur post they are better than the stuff for sale…lol

Plus $5 shipping.

I’ll get the Jello you get the mini pool!

You’re just mad you don’t ski fast enough to want to see how fast you’re going.


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sooooo need a nap…

Come suckers---- uh I mean you good looking sexy men buy these watches.
(yea so we can see whats next)

I think he/she is looking for something like an I/M program that will have the posts pop up automatically. Don’t know if thee’s anything like that out there…

My cat loves bacon.