Silver Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack with Exclusive Red & Green Boxes

Seen these before… hmm

Again with the buckey balls?

SOAB!!! Not again…

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So the only thing special is the Christmas-y plastic boxes?

Ooh, exclusive box colors. Would hate to miss out.

Teach me how to Bucky

A few reviews of Bucky Balls

I’ve got shiny balls, and she’s got shiny balls, but Woots got THE SHINIEST BALLS OF THEM ALL!

Good, cause I lost my previous balls that I bought from here.

You all need to buy this! I’ve never seen this deal before! In for thero.

in b 4 zen magnets “ceo” youtube vid post.

Previous Woot

#@%& magnets! How do they work?

Buckyballs on YouTube

Buckyballs at Wikipedia

Buckminster Fuller

Get your spare Buckyballs here.

Video: Buckyball Tricks

Balls are touching.

If I buy a set, will you stop putting these up every week?

I was hoping these would come back up. Everybody is getting Buckyballs for Christmas!

I have a set at work. They’re incredibly fun.



Actually, I always wonder who the heck would shell out so much dough for neodymium magnets. But if you’re going to do the irrational…do it right…Go ZEN, or GO HOME!