Silver Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack with Exclusive Red & Green Boxes

Perfect for Christmas gifts!

these things suck, magnets how do they work?

shocked about the projector. But pumped about this again

good night.

Nice colors!

I bought these during the last woot-off. They are fun for a while, but I haven’t played with them in months.

these are fun as hell… I got some from Thinkgeek

That was fast

sweet, glad to see these AGAIN

I’ve wanted these for a while, and gosh darnit, I just got a raise and I’m getting them!

I had some of these once. Messed around and dropped it and the little bastards rolled everywhere. Never did find all of them…

Silver balls… Silver balls…
It’s Christmas time…
In your screensaver…

Lightning round till top of the hour.

dammit i missed it!

isn’t this the same price as they always are? seriously, what’s the purpose of a Woot off if everything is the same price as when it was first offered?

I’ve played with these. I like these. I can’t justify $30 for these. :-/ It’s just to much for a cubicle toy!

$30 for two sets is awesome.
Unfortunately in my excitement I failed to enter my Woot password 3 times in a row.

I fail.

Several guys at my office just bought these from ThinkGeek… at 30 bucks for ONE box!
Now I get to laugh at them… :smiley:

sorry for your lots