Silver Holiday Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack with Red & Green Boxes

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I love these! Every desk needs one!


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    1 Silver Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Building Sphere Set w/ Red Box
    1 Silver Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Building Sphere Set w/ Green Box

Because all the Zen Magnets are sold out.

Are Buckyballs the next Excalibur?

So, is the labeling fixed on these or are they the recalled version? (Not that it actually matters… just curious)

C’mon, Woot! I even bought 2 sets of these last time on the main page as stocking stuffers. Just come to terms with it – these are Woot-off fodder! :slight_smile:

Have two sets…they’re very fun. $30 is a bit steep for a bunch of magnetic balls, but if there’s someone (over age 14) who is impossible to buy for, these might make a good gift.

I’m fairly certain it is against federal law to sell recalled items.

obligatory zen magnets support post lol

While the silver Buckyballs seem to have more defects than other varieties I have, the color is gorgeous.

When I bought these (last time they were offered) I wondered if they’d look any different than the original chrome ones. They do! The silver is much lighter and brighter in color than the chrome. They almost look like pearls next to the chrome ones.

In this image you can sorta see the difference- the chrome buckyballs are off to the right.

Of course, having eight sets now (two of each color), I really don’t need more. Sorry Woot.

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The red and green boxes makes this festive and Christmassy. but the silver balls are boring, looking no different than regular ball bearings. I bought the gold and black Buckyballs™ last time and they look much more striking. The manufacturers should have thrown in all three colors.

Heh … I sorta miss them from Wootoffs. I have several Excalibur electronic games and they’re all incredibly poorly designed. All of them have bugs or major flaws, i.e. game modes that don’t keep score, making them poitless.

In for two! One set alone costs $30 at most stores.

That is one cool buckyball of Buckyballs.

Dang I could have done without seeing that can of Mountain Dew Throwback. That stuff is awesome and I don’t think there is anymore around here.

I love these things, although from the pictures I thought they would be a little bigger then what I received. I also agree with the above poster - they do look like ordinary ball bearings in silver.

With that aside, this simple toy is really a ton of fun to have around.

I agree. I was shocked by how small they are, making the entire set look cheap … had I see these for the first time without knowing anything about them, I’d guess that they cost $3.95-$5.95. The entire cube of 6³ balls (6x6x6 balls = 216 total) is only about 1" on each side. I initially bought them as gifts but decided that they look too cheap so I kept them.