Silver Nachus 256MB Pendant MP3 Player


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Silver Nachus 256MB Pendant MP3 Player
It’s just about the smallest MP3 player around
$69.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

The Nachus 256MB MP3 player is an ultra compact yet fully functional mp3 player. Weighing in at 15 grams and measuring 1 5/8" wide and 3/8" thick, the Nachus could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry, and in fact, you can pass it off as just that. The player is so tiny that you can wear it around your neck as a pendant, or you can just as easily tuck it into a shirt pocket unnoticed. With 256MB flash memory you can store over 4 hours of music and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of listening.

The battery is simply and conveniently charged through the unit via a PC USB port and a full battery charge takes just 3 hours. The Nachus comes supplied with a pair of high quality earphones – that have been designed to work with the player so it can be worn like a necklace. This makes the Nachus ideal for those who really like to travel light and want to keep their pocket space clear.

It’s practicality makes it ideal for fitness fans and gym goers for whom the Nachus will prove invaluable as a totally non-intrusive way to listen to motivational music during a workout. Or for clubbers on their way to their night out who want to get in the mood but don’t want to be burdened with having to carry a bulky MP3 player around with them for the whole night. All functions are accessed by 4 buttons on the side of the player and tiny blue and orange LEDs on the front face of the Nachus indicate its status.

Also worth a mention is that the packaging is top notch as well. It comes in a heavy duty black box with purple accents and features laser cut foam inserts to keep everything in place. I know, who cares about the box? Well, since this is some of the nicest packaging we have seen, we figured it was worth a mention.

Color: Silver
Capacity: 256MB
Storage type: Flash
Support: MP3 format (no WMA)
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20Khz
Earphone out: 4mW + 4mW
Interface USB1.1
Support OS: Windows 98/2000/ME/XP Mac OS 9.2 or above
Dimension: 1 5/8"(W) x 1 5/8"(L) x3/8"(D)
Play time: about 8 hours
Battery Lithium-ion
Condition: new, retail

What’s in the box:
Silver Nachus EMP-Z 256MB MP3 Player (x1)
Neck strap earphone (x1)
DC to USB Converter (x1)
USB cable (x1)
2.5mm headphone plug adaptor
Installation Driver CD (x1)
User Manual - English and Chinese(x1)



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Hey Wootie T.
Will this pendant clash w/ the Dick Tracy watch. :smiley:


did anyone buy this woot before?
is it tiny enough to hide from the boss?
$99 at overstock.
anyone with feedback?
anyone? Buehler?


It’s ok I guess… not my thing… rather have the 1.5 gig that was up before.

Anyway… I am loving the amount of woot … this woot-a-thon is awesome!!! Great deals, freebies and coupon codes



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Someone was mentioning they get alerts on their phone for Woot!, how do you manage this?


you can not get one of 'em lil mp3 key, cuz all of em myt be out in a few min ok?




too expensive for a good WOOT…I guess if you really like it $70 is a deal…not for moi…

<waits impatiently for purple bar to shrink to nothing>


How long is this one going to take :?:
It is as bad as the watch
How many can woot have :?:


still waiting…



Not like it would matter. By the time the message got to your phone and you checked the thing would be gone the way this woot off is going.

Seems to be that if the woot is over $50 it seems to hang around for a while. The only thing that was more than that and didn’t was the mobile DVD player set. Which would have been cool to get but I wasn’t logged in. There were only 12 though, so I guess it would have been luck of the draw to get one anyways.


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[quote user=“edncassie”]How long is this one going to take :?:
It is as bad as the watch
How many can woot have :?:[/quote]

that reminds me of:

how many woot would a woot chuck chuck if a woot chuck could chuck wood?



[quote user=“dagermain”]Someone was mentioning they get alerts on their phone for Woot!, how do you manage this?[/quote]there is a link on Galloping cows posts that list a web site. I’ll try to find his posts and go from there…below is the ramaging female bovine’s link

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