Silverado Vineyards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 5 Pack

Silverado Vineyards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 5 Pack
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PRODUCT: 5 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Miller Ranch
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Yikes, those CT reviews are, um, well, terrible. I’m so low on whites that they’re almost an auto-buy, but I’m on the fence now. Winery? Rats? Anyone?

Semillon must add some fun complexities to this.

The Halloween theme continues; spooky CT indeed. Bring on the bats, errr, rats…

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Weird because the 05-08 have decent reviews on CT.

The separate tasters with 3 ill opinions… Maybe Silverado should have let this spend some time in Oak?

Good evening all. Just a quick hello from Silverado vineyards where the whites are all harvested and the reds are still hanging around trying to survive rain in October. Love to answer any questions about our Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc. I’ll be on line for the next few minutes and then back at it at 9:00 am tomorrow am. Cheers, russ


I was surprisingly picked to be a lab rat and while I am by no means a wine expert, I thought that this sauvignon blanc was very good. It was crisp, herbaceous and clean. I highly recommend this wine. It was very enjoyable.

Some notes on that…

Grapes were harvested at an average sugar of 22.7° Brix. The juice was inoculated with three distinct yeast strains that help release aromas specific to Sauvignon Blanc. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks set at 50 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To highlight the wine’s intense aromatics the wine did not undergo any malolatic fermentation. The Semillon was blended to enhance the mouthfeel and balance acidity.

Good evening Russ! I will be jumping on the boards tomorrow morning with ya!


CT only has three reviews and they are terrible. I guess you would have to really agree with the reviewers’ taste to agree with the reviews. My read is that minerality is not something the CT reviewers like in their Sauvignon Blancs. Ours has plenty, so buyer beware!

Thanks for chiming in so quickly. CT notes can be so unreliable unless you are familiar with the user leaving them, especially with with so few notes for one bottle.

Passing on this because I’m not so into un-oaked juice, but I do have to say this: I love the photo tonight - hats off (and corks out) to the woot photographer!

Can anyone who’s tried this compare it to the Wellington or Rasmussen Sauvignons Blancs?

First time lab rat happily reporting for duty!

With hubby and some friends, I was in Door County Wisconsin this weekend, to bike and visit some wineries. We took our Silverado 2009 Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc and chilled it overnight in the hotel fridge. We sat on the patio watching a gorgeous autumn sunset over Green Bay with our wine. Three of us enjoy both white and red wines, one is normally not a wine drinker.

This is a screw top wine, so no cork to sniff.

Color: Light straw. There are no noticable legs, but then again the sun was going down, it’s a white wine and I didn’t have my glasses on.

Nose: Fresh and bright, the aroma was grassy, lime and most especially grapefruit. The nose was very enticing and just begged for the wine to be tasted.

Mouthfeel: Lighter, sleek, lively

Taste: First taste hits the palate, crisp and acidic . . . and then . . . nothing. We thought it smelled much better than it tasted but figured it must be too cold from the hotel fridge. We let it sit and warm up a bit. That did the trick and the wine opened up considerably. Grapefruit, lime, granny smith apple all came shining through. One person noted melon. There was no discernable oak. One person commented it was so grapefruity that he’d be more than happy to drink it for breakfast too.

Finish: Light, tart, crisp, acidic. The citrus flavor lingers. Even our one non-wine-drinker liked this. It’s hard not to like if you’re looking for something light. It’s a perfect summertime wine.

Pairing: Since we had no kitchen in which to cook, we ate cold appetizers. We had 5 year old cheddar, which totally overwhelmed the wine and together they both tasted somewhat “off”. We also had asiago cheese with rosemary which was wonderful and paired absolutely perfectly with the wine. Anything with thyme or rosemary, chicken perhaps, would be delicious with this wine. We had some smoked salmon which tasted great with the wine too. It might go even better with some fresh sushi or sashimi. We all agreed scallops would be delicious with this savignon blanc.

Final impression: This tastes better the longer it sits in the glass, don’t drink it too cold or you will miss all the charm . . . the simple crispness with great citrusy notes. Great by itself, if you do eat with the wine, keep it light. All four tasters gave the wine a thumbs-up and would drink it again. I’m in for one.

Thanks Woot!

Last week I received my first golden ticket! That’s what can happen when you work hard, keep plugging away, keep your nose clean, and buy too much wine.

Background: My wife and I are relatively new to consistently drinking wine. We (and by that I mean me) began studying and strategically buying wine just last year.

I like reds mostly, and my wife prefers whites. We have both come to respect the other type of wine though this past year. My wife realizes she had just never had good reds before, and I just hadn’t had good whites. Our main white is Sauvignon Blanc, followed closely by Chardonnay. We loved 2008 Climber White, available here and elsewhere at a fantastic price. We very much like Triacipedis and the Minataur’s Chalice, though that’s as Rieslingy as we want to get. So, we were looking forward to this.

We took a bottle to Olive Garden ($7 corkage, which is now legal in VA. Yay!)

Bottle Opens. My wife got citrus on the nose. I smelled peach also, and I think specifically lemon. On the palette peach was clear to both of us; I got citrus more on the finish. Mid palette there was a strong . . . argh, I just don’t have the vocab yet. Kindof like heat. It wasn’t distasteful. But given that this was a mild wine, it was distracting.

It was a bit fizzy at first, which slowly went away. Very crisp. Flavors were mild I think. I believe this would be very flexible. Went well with my shrimp/crab ravioli/sauce, as well as my wife’s mushroom ravioli/sauce.

Bottom Line. I was neutral in the end, preferring stronger flavors. I also like just a wee bit of sweet in my whites, and this was very dry. My wife likes bone dry, and citrus, and mild, so her verdict is definitely positive.

Our cellar (closet under the stairs) is currently bulging, and new very formal wine budget is blank, so I was very interested to see the price this morning. I was hoping for $10/bottle rather than $12. Hmmm. I’m thinking we won’t buy, though I’ll ask my wife one more time later today. She’ll be disappointed, but probably agree.

But wait! We retained about a glass-worth at the restaurant to try later. Didn’t get a chance yesterday. I poured a small sample to give it one more try as I submitted my report. (This is by FAR the earliest I’ve ever had wine.) Just took 2 sips. Much better I think. That distracting mid-palette taste is gone, just leaving well integrated flavors. Very nice peach. The fiz is gone; maybe that’s the key. I didn’t like the fiz.

This could be a tough call.

I really liked the movie.

you convinced me - I’m in for two!