Silverado Vineyards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 5 Pack

Silverado Vineyards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc - 5 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 5 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Miller Ranch
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Off to bed after I pushed the button for 2. Where is the sparking wine? I would appreciate an option for Christmas. I hope I don’t miss something in the woot off while asleep. How long is this woot off valid?

I rather liked this as an easy drinker.

They make nice wines that don’t break the bank, especially considering where they’re located.

I have half a case left of some 1999 Silverado Vineyards Napa Valley Cab (Stags Leap) and it’s drinking wonderfully!!

That’s enough for me, in for one. $22/bottle at the winery, this is a very solid deal, especially for those of us on the east coast who would pay $5-6 a bottle just for shipping!

Comments were mixed from the last offer in October despite the pedigree of the winery. Boy am I glad I hit the button. I note lime and melon aromas with taste of green apple and pear followed by grapefruit. I found this style of Sauvignon Blanc to be very good. It pairs perfectly with my Chesapeake crab cakes or my Panang curry. With 4 bottles gone and only 1 left, I’m pumped to see it offered again.

Haven’t tried this particular sauv blanc, but generally find California sauv blancs to be “softer” - to the point of being, well, flabby - than the New Zealand and South African style that I prefer.

Haven’t tried South African SB, but I’ve found the New Zealand SB to be grapefruit bombs mixed with grass…if that’s what you like, then cheers, but personally I enjoy the California sauv blancs that offer nice stone fruit flavor profiles, pears, melons, minerality, etc.

Wahoo…looks like we got a two day woot-off (sorry wallet!!) !!!

Usually Sauv Blancs don’t last multiple years (usually lose the aromatics and it runs a bit flabby). Anyone have any ideas as to this particular version’s longevity? It’s a 2009 and quite often, unless it’s a Sauterne (with sweetness), you don’t want to be drinking much past a 2010.

I think you’re being a little tight on your criteria there! True, they do well young, but that means up to five years, and good Bordeaux whites often last quite a while longer in bottle!

I really wish I would have pulled the trigger on the Victory Reserve yesterday, after seeing this offer here for hours :frowning:

I really think it is time for something new. This has been on for hours and seems to have run its course. Come on woot staff, wake up!

I saw this an hour or so ago when I got up and pulled the trigger on two - got this last time and find it to be a very enjoyable wine! YUM! But, Woot - can you ship it soon, and not wait the usual two-three weeks? Please?