Silverlit Palm-Z RC Plane

Great for the kids to wreck… I’m in for 2!

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New Silverlit Palm-Z RC Plane, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Silverlit Palm-Z RC Plane (random color)

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3.6 stars on average says Buzzilions reviews…

Is this a good price on these things? I’m sort of confused whenever flying toys come up on woot - is it like an injoke or something?

If you live in a place that isn’t a gym, good luck, this is fun but I busted mine from Thinkgeek in about 10 minutes

7 minute flight time? no thanks.

If this plane works anything like those crappy helicopters they were selling on here…i’d stay clear of this one. The R/C helicopters were my biggest regret of a purchase ever from woot.

Are these capable of carrying small animals in flight? Possibly miniature dogs, or even a simple cockroach? They have dreams too.

We’re watching The Science Channel right now, and the show is about hooking a locust brain to a remote control aircraft. They then train the locust by forcing it to watch Star Wars. Soon, the locust learns to fly the craft. Okay, it’s not that simple but the whole chain of events is pretty amazing.

I might buy this plane just so that I can hook it up to my colony of cockroaches…

Tune in if you can.

Anyone have specs on payload carrying ability? I’m hoping for gerbil but my gut says cockroach.

Yeah I want to fly animals around on these things. Is that so weird?

Anybody have experience with these? How is the steering? (Thinking in comparison to the crappy steering on the mini-copters)

very cool Christmas gift, in for 3

Or you can make the animal fly itself. No kidding. See my post about the show currently airing on The Science Channel. better yet, tune into the 30 min show.

Hell yeah, I’m watching Weird Connections (Sci Channel) too!

not unless you use too much duct tape. then that might fall under weird and abusive.

Oh man, I know you’re joking but tune into The Science Channel. NOW!!! They;re training a locust to drive an aircraft by forcing it to watch the flying sequence in Star Wars. On a previous show, they used roaches. And yes, they do have brains … so why not dreams? :slight_smile:

interesting… apparently kb toys has it for 19.99, they are sold out at the moment though, but still… where is the deal if it has been in a store
for the same price as it is here.

LOLZ! The Youtube video made me NOT buy it… then again, I don’t have any kids… It’s a kids toy. Looks pretty unbreakable too!