Sima Atomic Watch – Random 2 Pack



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That Evesham Touchscreen GPS was handy, if I didn’t already have a hand held GPS and a reciever in my CarPuter I would have gotten it. Oh well maybe tonight!


It’s 1985 all over again!


Nice. Too bad I really dont need a watch. These look better than the last atomic watch that woot offered.


wow, they ain’t kidding. that is UGLY.


Sima Atomic Watch – Random 2 Pack
$19.99+ $5 shipping
New, But Ugly
2 Sima Atomic Watch – Random 2 Pack (RCW-101, RCW-102, RCW-303, RCW-305)


Ugly. Not for me. Goodnight


These are so ugly, they kill kittens.


ugliest. watches. ever.


there are clocks on everything, who needs a watch any more?


I like how they all say different times


Ugly indeed, And never heard about this brand.


Here’s a better idea:

Much cheaper, less ugly, and accurate to .1 seconds


Anyone else find it interesting that, though atomic, the watches show 4 different times?


stocking stuffer city

population: 2


I’m in for 2, will be a good gift to someone I know that can’t tell time :slight_smile:


yes indeed… those are some ugly watches.


I don’t know anyone who’s bought a watch since they got a cell phone. 'Cept fashion watches. These ain’t fashion watches. G’nite.


Fort Collins represent!


Man those are “I like you as a friend” ugly.