Sima Hitch USB-101 Digital Transfer System



The term “tits on a hog” comes to mind. What the hell is the purpose of this?


89.99 lowest price on froogle

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Sima Hitch USB-101 Digital Transfer System
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Sima Hitch USB-101 Digital Transfer System


I’m not really sure this is useful. I mean… not $65 useful.

Maybe I’m wrong?

EDIT: Ok, I see the usefulness of this for sharing between my fellow iPodders (should that be one d?). If I had any friends this would be awesome.
I’m gonna think this one over. I’f there’s any left in the morning…Maybe.

Seriously, if anyone wants to be my friend let me know.

ps. Great podcast woot!


great podcast


Does this mean I could go to stores and transfer stuff off their hard drives into a portable drive?

Like I could go to the apple store and get music? Or I could go to best buy and take stuff off their sample computers?

Other than that, I really don’t understand the real purpose of a device like this.


Is it me, or should something like this cost about five dollars?


So it’s 60 bucks for something any laptop or desktop can do…

I’m passing on it, night wooters.


Nice description, doods.


Heli-Lame. Zune anyone?


craptastic is this woot! way too overpriced for the limited functionality of the device

SmokeHamsters’ Haiku
Not tonight will I
spend my hard earned cash on this
goodnight yet again.


kinda cool, i don’t think its worth 60 bones though


Some pricing for this thingy…

Froogle … $89.99

SecretPrices … $99.99

PriceGrabber … $99.99


It looks like it’s for sharing music on iPods without a computer.


Lowest price on Froogle: $95.99


Seems like a solution without a problem to solve.


Can this little gadget allow me to trade iTunes music with other iPods? If so then this is REALLY worth it! EAT IT APPLE!


HUH?? I don’t understand the point.


come on now, do they think the whole world has an ipod? That is all I ever see on here is stuff for the Ipod… Nice Gizmo, way to pricey though. I dont think this is gonna sell out… :slight_smile: hahaha gnight