Sima USB Multicable with Firewire

Here it is on Amazon

This looks weirdly handy.

The USB specs only allow for 500mA of current per USB port. All your devices are going to have to share that juice. It’s socialism for iPods. Glen Beck does not approve!

Just TAPE your chargers together and you’ll get the same thing but they won’t have to beg. And it will end up being smaller since this has that big brick and 5ft of cable. This is not travel size.

Looks awesome. I’m in for three.

Got one of these in my most recent BоC!

The few Amazon reviews seem to be less than favorable on average.

A note from myself - although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet - it is kind of bulky. So unless you need a whole lot of variety of different connections, you may actually be better off carrying 2-3-4 cables you need than this monster octopus of connectors!

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Man, if this had micro USB on it, I would buy 3. (Most cell phone manufacturers are moving to micro USB as a standard in the future.)

Who does not need a usb to everthing will save s load of time looking for cables and also will remove some of the stuff pluged into my power squids in for 3 1 for me and the rest for geeky gifts that will be used sweet deal.

Same here. That was the first thing I looked for.

99¢ + $4.99 s & h

Yup. Same here too.

no microusb = dealbreaker… not to mention its $4 cheaper on amazon, come on… thats 4 more cables or adapters i can get from chinese ebay sellers!

Is “Mini B 8 Pin Flat” the same as micro USB? or possibly “Mini B 5 Pin”? My micro USB cable looks to have 5 pins inside…

Unfortunately, my phone(Motorola Droid) and headset(Jabra) are both micro usb so no good for me (ha, rhymes). At least two usb inputs would have made more sense in order to be able to charge multiple devices at once.

Definitely not Micro, or it would be called just that.

This doesn’t look like it will do Firewire 800. Too bad

These are designed closer to the Storage Device market.

As FireWire and USB are two completely different standards, I presume the FireWire cable is just to provide juice to charge, no? I don’t see how a USB device could be run through FireWire on this thing.

Of course, most of you probably don’t care about FireWire 400, but those of us with 1st-gen MacBooks and MBPs definitely enjoy having that extra port, thank you very much!

To those wondering whether or not this does Micro USB (I need that too!), no, it does not. The specifications for each of the USB connectors are available on Wikipedia, which clearly distinguishes the Mini and Micro USB connectors. Unfortunately, this won’t work for our Micro USB phones.