Sima USB Multicable with Firewire

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Sima USB Multicable with Firewire
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, Bulk Packaging

Product List:

  • 1 Sima SUO-200M USB and Firewire Multi Cable

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hmm wootalyzer fail… Didn’t get a sold out chime or new product chime.

Beware, no micro-USB…

Snarky! Where the heck did this thing come from!?

i got firewire from this girl in high school. fool me twice woot, fool me twice.

No, there’s no micro plug. Find an adapter.

i already bought one of these from woot like a week ago…

So this does NOT have micro-USB?

James :?

Before anyone asks, here’s my comment from last time these were on Sellout:

According to the reviews (complaints!) on Amazon, it even says on the box that you can not use it to interconnect Firewire and USB, though the description here and on the Sima page imply that you can.

Too bad that, I would have been all over this one if you could.

Are one of the connectors for blackberry?

What the hay is this?

This sells at Walmart for ~$20. Something with an .88 I’m sure.

IIRC, does not allow you to interconnect fire wire with USB.

QUICK! Has anyone seen my stats?!?

New, Bulk Packaging

You sure don’t see that everyday.

Look at my stats!

No tater. I’m not checking your stats again today. I’m just not. And don’t start begging.

Sima lives here

fire wire 400 to 800???