Sima USB Multicable with Firewire

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Sima USB Multicable with Firewire
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, Bulk Packaging

Product List:

  • 1 Sima SUO-200M USB and Firewire Multi Cable

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This was disappointing.

time for bed…

what is this i don’t even


This thing is AWEFUL!

(buy 3)


Why did I wait up :frowning:


It looked interesting, but then I noticed the fact that there’s no micro USB adapter. Even so, it stills seems pretty cool


problem with this is a USB jack is only rated 500ma, you can connect all the gizmos you want but it cant exceed that.


Here’s a comment for you. Where’s my bag of crap? The last SIX woots have been only decent and not featured anything good or featured a bag of crap.

Let’s go WOOT. Stop fucking around.

I take it the above posters aren’t techies? In for 3, these could be super useful for when you lose that cable for your digital camera instead of paying 20 dollars at radioshack you have one of these laying around.

Worst. Woot-off. Ever.

what in the fuck am I supposed to do with this?

No use for this.

looks like something that would come in handy. Wonder how well they hold up?

Looks like Amazon has there hand in Woot again.