Sima USB Multicable with Firewire

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Sima USB Multicable with Firewire
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, Bulk Packaging

Product List:

  • 1 Sima SUO-200M USB and Firewire Multi Cable

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loosing faith woot. :frowning:

Bought this somewhat useful wish it had 2 USB ports for usb to usb

Item #12 since midnight,…
They’ll need something more to slow this down later tonight, just not sure what…

Do any of these work for Blackberry?

looks like a hydra

I’d buy this if it was $5 or less, including shipping.

I guessed 12 composter units would be sold. They sold 13. I’m callin’ that a win. LOL

ok heres what i want… i want a dock for my iphone or a bag of cvrap PLEASE NO MORE VACUUMS OR kitchen stuff… electronics for the win woot offs turning upside now

Coming Soon to the Siffy Channel…


fire wire sounds good to me

You can flay your enemies with it.

That is the dumbest looking thing I have ever seen!

Think so has everything but a ipod connector

Whats firewire for?

My cameras have those little cylindrical capacitors (I think) in the USB connection cables. Does that mean I shouldn’t use this to connect to them?

Will this work with my Commodore 64?

Better watch out with that fire wire, kiddo!

I agree, you’re the winner! :wink: So tell us, O great one, how many of these things do we have to buy before the BOC shows up??