Similar Woot Site


I found a website that is similar to Woot but they do Sporting Goods. I bought some knives from them and they were delivered the next day so it’s legit.

{woot copycat link removed by gimma}


Please take the time to read the “What is woot” (click here), at the top of the page and familiarize yourself with the rules…specifically “What is not allowed in the community?” (click here)

Also, in the News Forum, Jason Toon’s “Noise Reduction” thread (click here) will give it to you straight.

The community rules apply to ALL forums.
Copycat sites are usually caught by filters, but I guess this is a new one.


I did read all of that and that means I would be profitting from posting that, which I’m not. I’m fairly new to Woot and I found this other site that was pretty much the same idea, just different types of things to buy. Looks like alot of people are obsessed with this Woot idea so I figured I would let others know about the other site. I definitely wouldn’t mind if others told me about it. I wish I would have known about it sooner.


I understand your reasons for posting it, but in general woot doesn’t allow the posting of copycat or other deal sites.

Nothing personal, but there is no way to confirm that you don’t have some stake in the other website. Sorry…just enforcing the rules of woot.

(You are more than welcome to post it in the “Links to” section of wootswap, in my sig line…best I can offer.)


I wish woot would rethink that.

Perhaps liscencing sites might help - I like the music site that does the same thing.

I’d of liked to visit that site - I like knives and baseball bats…


Oh, good Lord, don’t let him see that site.


Gotcha. Thanks for the info.


I’ll point staff in the direction of this thread or you could e-mail/pm staff with your argument. I do know what you mean, since it’s not a techie site, but the potential for someone to be profiting from free advertising/spam is the issue.



I mean really, that site is made for me…


You’re dangerous enough.


Just call me Lemming, Furry Lemming.

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I think Josephus was calling you on one of the other threads. Something about paprika.





JMO, but I’ve never had the sense that woot fears the competition. It’s that they don’t want to set a precedent of allowing links to any other sites, from which the poster might, in some direct or indirect way, profit. There is no way to confirm that a poster doesn’t have a connection.

I think staff believes that past leniency regarding the posting of links (for purposes beyond comparison of woot prices) hurt the integrity of woot and had a negative impact on the overall atmosphere…remember the flamewars that sounded like: Spam!/No, not spam!/Yes, boopiss for spam!/Damn, it is NOT spam!




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err - I stay out of Post whore threads because there’s some folks there that despise me.


Well, for heaven’s sake, no one said you had to post. Reading is acceptable. I’m sure you can find him on another thread.


better not! mnementh might see you over there ;^) (a joke! its a joke!)

I was grilling a lamb, needed the paprika, someone called me a dork for omitting it. nothing big.