Simmons 3" Gel Topper- Your Choice

I have Fibromyalgia and could not get a good night’s rest on our plush pillow top bed that was super comfy before I got sick.

We bought the 2" Curv Gel Topper last time it was offered. Fantastic choice. I sleep now, I don’t hurt when I wake up, anymore. Really.

We opened it up and let it come up to size and air out for a few days in a spare room, to avoid the weird packing smell. Put it on the bed, and it worked out great. No weird smell or anything.

It is temperature sensitive - if it’s cold in your room, it’s harder when you first get in bed, but softens up as your body heat warms it up. I can’t say if it actually circulates air and doesn’t hold heat, because it hasn’t been hot. Even if it does, I’ll keep it.

(Took my husband about a week to get used to it. He likes it, too!)

Time to learn more about the foam topper over at the product page and lets learn all about A Good Night’s Sleep

got the 2" gel pad last time. these things rock. haven’t slept this good in years.

Can’t decide between reversible and regular. Anyone have any suggestions out there? Like the OP I have fibro, pressure points and could really use a good night’s sleep!

The option to select reversible gel is not working. EDITED: I figured out the options, never mind. Works fine, thank you. Ordered another!

AND…just want to add my experience with this topper. This is the 4th I’ve purchased from Woot. I love them very much. They are very heavy so when you are handling them, try not to grab with your fingernails or fingertips. Use two hands and strongly, yet gently, grip the topper to handle without tearing the foam. Not to say that it will easily tear, but if you’re not careful, you can put a dig into the foam. I like to turn each of ours every single time I change the sheets, flipping end-to-end, just to help rotate the usage/pressure points.

I read someone’s comment about the topper being a bit stiff when you first get into bed. That’s true. Especially during the winter or in air conditioning, when you first get into bed, it feels very firm. As your body temperature warms up the topper, it softens considerably (and deliciously). These toppers are life changing and offer optimum sleep comfort. They are surprisingly heavy, so especially with the larger sizes, use two people to handle the toppers without possibly damaging them. Their weight and heft can be considerable.

Also there were NO offensive odors to the foam upon opening or usage. You DO want to gently unfold (just a wee bit to help it get started) the topper once you take it out of the packaging and have a good, firm, solid, and FULLY SUPPORTIVE area in which to allow the topper to expand to its full size prior to placing it on your bed. To protect the foam topper, I double my fitted sheets. I always use two layers of fitted sheets on this topper; one to protect the topper and one to sleep on without worrying about sweat, bodily fluids, spills, dog slobber and other assorted life-messes, etc., soaking through to the topper.

I highly recommend this Simmons 3" reversible gel topper and can’t express how much of a comfort difference it makes for our beds.

Hi there,

We already have a regular old pillow top attached (factory sewn) to the top of our mattress and the sheets are barely deep enough to fit now. Does anyone problems with getting (soft) sheets deep enough to cover the whole mattress with this thing on top?

Thanks much!

Would this gel topper fold up decent for traveling purposes?

This is a bit of a strange question I guess… Would anyone who has this think it would be fairly easy to cut this gel topper? The reason I ask is I have a dog bed for my dog that has memory foam. My dog absolutely loves that bed. After just 5 months, the foam has an obvious indention in the middle of the bed (and she only weighs 30 pounds). I didn’t expect “quality” memory foam, but only 5 months use? Anyway, I was thinking about getting the twin size and cutting it to size for her. Would this work? Anyone who has ever bought a memory foam bed for their dog knows they cost a ridiculous amount. I could get 3 dog beds out of the twin size for less than the cost of one dog bed at the store.

Give me latex or give me death! Latex is more durable, it comes in different ILD’s (ultra-plush to firm), breathes as opposed to sleeping hot, it’s easy to turn in it, excellent “push back”, and will last for 20+ years.

Just guessing here… You could probably roll it up, but from what others have said, it seems like it would be heavy & bulky.

Yep, see my previous post. Blended latex, 70/30 synthetic/natural in a 24 ILD should work perfectly. Either Dunlop or taladay manufacturing process. Get a 2" twin and cut it to size.


I am with the manufacturer of this product and will be able to answer questions throughout the feature.

I would be willing to bet an electric carving knife would slice through this thing like butter.

You can cut the memory foam.

1)Get a long, straight edge… Like a 2x4
2) Use a sharp knife, and lubricate it with some cooking spray
3) it will cut like a loaf of bread

Hope this helps!

You mean slice thru it like “buttah”? Haha!

I would assume the blended latex wouldn’t work if a family member has a severe allergy to latex?

Thanks! Just gotta go measure the thickness of the foam that is in her bed now to see of this will fit in the zippered cover.

It is nice to have a rep. available for questions! Thanks!

Reversible Gel looks like it is sold out.
Would the plain Gel be as good?
Is the Reversible Gel cooler?
Maybe another site has the Reversible Gel?
I read the comparison, but it didn’t help.

[MOD: Not sold out. Just choose the MODEL first.]


We are not sold out. Just make sure to select the model first.

The first set of sizes is for the regular gel. The 2nd set of sizes is for the reversible gel.

If you select the model first, you’ll have no problem.