Simmons 3" Gel Topper- Your Choice

The plain gel is AWESOME. I like firm, my wife likes soft, but we BOTH sleep like babies. (But with less pooping)

Definitely worth a buy.

Also our sheets fit fine.

Good. I think the Reversible Gel is that one that looks like an egg carton. I’m not sure how well I would sleep on that.

[MOD: Correct. Reversible Gel has the two different sides.]

I would appreciate if anyone could provide some guidance on the reversible vs slab option. How do they differ?

Is the shipper UPS, FedEx or USPS?
UPS and FedEx delivers to my door. USPS doesn’t

Which one is the softer option? Also, the pictures don’t seem to show the curved nature of the foam like it is shown on the Simmons Curv website? They appear to either be flat or eggshell…where are the curves?

Can anyone speak to how well the “cooling gel” really works? I had a high-quality memory foam mattress that heated up so much with body heat that I woke up drenched in sweat on even the coldest of nights. My current conventional mattress, while better temperature-wise, could use a bit more padding, but I’m concerned about getting overheated again.

The slab is the same on both sides (flat) whereas the reversible topper is flat one one side and has an “egg carton” pattern on the other. I personally like the feel of the egg carton side over the flat, but it comes down to personal preference. Getting the reversible allows you to choose and switch as you please.

First generation as well as lower quality memory foam did sleep hot. The second generation memory foam (which this is) is open cell memory foam which allows for more air flow through the foam. This allows heat to dissipate instead of building up in the foam. These properties are heightened with the infusion of Gel. The Gel has natural cooling properties that lead to a more temperature neutral sleep.

The goods will ship via FedEx.

Not crazy at all, I built a fainting couch for my wife and fell over when I went to look at foam prices. I ended up buying a memory foam mattress here and cut it up to the sizes I needed. I cut it with a sharp filet knife and it cut like butter. A razor blade would work as well but the filet knife cuts deep enough to give you a clean edge.

how well will it work with adjustable bed twin

These toppers can be used in adjustable beds.

Does this require a deeper fitted sheet? Or can I still use the same fitted sheet that I currently have?

The toppers will add 3" to the height of your bed. Depending on the depth of your current sheets, you may need to update.

As someone who has owned a 3" 4 lb. density memory foam topper before and a 10" 5.3 lb. density memory foam mattress, I would like to know a few things:

  • How do the density ratings compare between gel and standard memory foam? I’ve found that the 4 lb. does not last over time, too weak and causes permanent depressions/weak spots which resulted in chest pain.
  • I’ve found that 5.3 lb. density has the firmness that I like, but was too hot in the summer, so I switched back to spring. Spring has its advantages… in bed. Will this topper ruin that?
  • What is the firmness level compared to the 5.3-lb. and 4-lb. density mattresses?
  • What can others say about temperature comfort in a topper like this? Gel memory foam is sounding attractive due to the heat dissipation claims.


Any idea how compact this would fold? I’d like to use it to top a sofa bed that is occasionally used by guests. I guess I’m asking “how small will it fold or roll”


help - I’m miserable after a nasty fall - which model should I buy and do I have to buy deeper sheets to contain it over the mattress?

Are these recommended for use on coil spring beds? Looking for a little extra padding on ours and wondering if this would work for that or if it is only recommended to top other memory foam beds?

I would recommend the reversible topper for use with a sofa bed.

These toppers can absolutely be used on coil spring beds.