Simmons 3" Gel Topper- Your Choice

Time to check out the product page

Help me understand this gel topper concept. I know they claim to be “cooler”… which does that mean it it cooler then the other toppers, like egg crate or memory foam… or does it mean that there is a NET cooling effect.

As an example, if in my bed, I feel a bit warm, say… a perceived 100 degrees, and when I put a memory foam topper, it becomes a perceived 120 degrees, when I use this, will there be an actual cooling effect, a perceived 80 degrees? And, if so, does that effect last or just until you warm it all up. I have used other cooling pads that work well, until you are on it long enough to heat it up and then it is really hot.

I believe it’s more that you won’t heat up above the normal temperature. It has the cooling gel that helps prevent that heat trap.

Whoa, where’s my wooters. Talk to me. Tell me about your toppers!

The pictures don’t seem very representative of the product. The Simmons product page shows wavy grooves in the foam, but the first picture here shows a smooth and flat topper. The same picture here shows the gel in swirls, but the last picture shows gel beads infused into the memory foam. The product page doesn’t shed any light on what the product actually looks like.

Hi All,

I am with the manufacturer and will be able to answer any questions that you have.

You have the choice of a 3" Slab, which is the flat foam, or a 3" convoluted topper (with the grooves). The memory foam is a Gel Memory foam with the Gel beads infused into the memory foam.

This product uses open cell memory foam technology infused with Natural cooling gel. Both of these items allow for more air flow through the foam, which prevents heat buildup for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.


damn I just bought the 2" Simmons gel from Woot, I was looking for a 3" or 4" and didn’t think it would be showing up any time soon.

When does the smell go away. Had it airing out for weeks and it still smells. Purchased the gel topper from woot around a month ago when they were selling them. Any suggestion for proactively getting the smell out? Lysol or fabreeze?

If you like a softer bed, is it better to get the egg crate shaped one? I use to have a foam egg crate back in the day and didn’t really like it, but I don’t like a firm bed some I’m torn as to which one to get. Any insight?

We had it on our bed within a couple days, I just laid it on a bed and put a fan towards it.

Even out of the box the smell was minimal.

Not ours. After 3 weeks still has a pungent chemical smell

If you didn’t like your previous egg crate bed, I would recommend the slab of foam.

Does it come with any kind of cover? If not where can you get one for it?

The toppers do not come with a cover. It can be placed directly under your fitted sheet.

Do these come with a zip on/off cover? It doesnt state.

Ordered - thanks for your help!

Ick, I think I’d prefer a cover I can wash. I have not seen them for purchase separately.