Simmons Curv™ 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattresses-Choose Firmness

Does anyone have any experience in this (or something similar) in the firm?

Does it have a decent response time?
Okay edge support?


How long can I keep it in the packaging before opening the mattress?


I wouldn’t recommend leaving it compressed for much more than a month.


Hopefully I get my shipping info soon. I’m tired of my air mattress on the floor lol.

Please DM me your order info and I will check on it for you.

Can you provide me with any customer reviews on this? I’m not finding much for this model, and doesn’t have this under the simmons line. Basically trying to find more information before I make the purchase.

Any alternate vendors? Licensed from someone else?

Thank you.

here is a product page i found on amazon, and a
user left review, who says purchased it from woot.

I had found this, and this review covers that the mattress is not branded with Simmons, but instead with Future Foam. They spend exactly zero time talking about how the mattress is, and apparently have worked towards returning it, apparently because of the mortification they face at what happens when someone sees the brand of their off-brand mattress.

It’s not exactly helpful.

I did find a review that was five stars for the Future Foam line of mattresses, but doesn’t say which one, and it was written all in caps, so I can’t in good conscience take it seriously, as I envision a crusty old man on a twelve year old computer posting it via dialup.

I may just have to bite the bullet and try it. If nothing else, I can always buy a new one after a year.

Mine is supposed to deliver tomorrow, but I likely won’t get it set up until Friday night.

I’m hoping it at least lasts 3 years.

Please let us know how it feels when you get it!!! We are waiting to hear from one person before biting the bullet on this product. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to. I’m just tossing it on the floor, since I don’t have my bed set up…well removed from the junky place it is and cleaned up, nor a foundation. :slight_smile:
I’m sure it’ll be better than the futon I’d been sleeping on 5 years and the air mattress for a month.

Have not gotten around to unpacking yet, didn’t have electricity for the majority of the weekend lol

Okay, edit - I’ve been sleeping on the mattress since Tuesday night, it is Saturday now. Seems like a decent stack of foam. There is Simmon’s branding on the paper work, but the tag just seems to cover…well the cover. I’m not too worried about it.

It is a very firm mattress (I ordered the firm), I suppose I’m still getting used to it. It doesn’t sleep any hotter or cooler than my futon did when it’s about 80º in the house at night, have to have fans on in any case. I don’t feel too much movement from the dogs at night. Overall, I’m satisfied for the short amount of time I’ve been using it.