Simmons Curv™ 12" Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Vented Cover

Woot, why don’t you have one discussion for sales like these instead of breaking them up by something as pointless an the thickness of the mattress?

What if someone wants to ask previous purchasers like me about their opinions regarding 10" vs. 12"? They wouldn’t know where to post.

Unify these discussions so we can, you know, have a discussion.

I was just going to say this. My guess is they don’t want people comparing notes on previous product experiences. So they make it as tedious as possible to check every single thread for tidbits.

I’m a cynic but I’m usually right in these cases.

Yeah, there are times we wish we didn’t break up the discussions. This would be one. It was originally done because there was so much confusion because people wouldn’t mention what they were talking about.

I bought one of these a few months ago on here and it turns out it was NOT a “Simmons” mattress listed at $1,800 but just the same generic mattresses that have been on sale here years ago. What’s up with that ?

And do you like the mattress? I’m thinking about getting one.

Could you give more info about these? The memory foam is rated at different lbs as to it’s density. What are these rated?

Yep, I also got taken by these fraudsters on the last woot for these things. They are not Simmons products. I actually called up simmons, described the mattress, and they said it’s not theirs, and that I had purchased a counterfeit product. I let them know that it was Woot running the sale repeatedly, doesn’t seem like they have done anything.

Shameful that woot is allowing this to be run again.

What you’re going to get is an unbranded mattress in a box. No simmons anything anywhere. There will be sharpie on the actual mattress under the cover. The numbers will match up with a “restonic” mattress made by “future foam” who is also who provides your “warranty”.

Don’t like your mattress? get ready to pay shipping to return it, or pay shipping both ways for a replacement.

I don’t expect i’ll get more than a couple years out of mine before it starts to seriously crater. Buyer beware, and shame on you, woot.

A shout out to Woot customer service specifically “Jack”. The day after purchasing this bed I had second thoughts because I simply could not find any reviews by anyone anywhere about this bed. So, I emailed Woot about canceling the order. Jack emailed back within minutes and informed me that the order had already shipped so it could not be cancelled but if I still didn’t want it when it arrived he would issue a prepaid return label and give me a full refund. I decided not to do that since it was my fault for not doing my due diligence first and Woot should not bear the cost of my impulsiveness. So far I’m glad I kept it.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve read from previous sales of this mattress is that it is not a “Simmons” branded item. That is true. The item description clearly states that this item is made by “Future Foam” under license by a Simmons subsidiary. The name Simmons appears nowhere on the mattress so it is obvious that the Simmons name is only used as an attention grabber and marketing ploy. In all fairness they should stop using the Simmons brand name and simply sell it as an unbranded item. However I’m sure that would result in fewer sales. That being said, it may be a good thing that this is not made by Simmons. Judging from many reviews I’ve read about their recent products Simmons is not the company it used to be.

As for my purchase and thoughts about this mattress is concerned. I ordered this item on August 1, it was shipped on August 2 and I received it via FedEx on August 4. Much faster that expected. The mattress is very heavy. I bought the full size 12" and it weighs about 65 lbs. I have read that with this type of mattress you’re suppose to let it sit for a couple of days before using it. I did not do that. The mattress expanded to it’s full size very quickly and there was no off-gasing. I did not notice any chemical smell at all when I opened it. So, I slept on it the first night only about 10 hours after setting it up. I just laid it on top of my old box springs. This is my first time sleeping on a memory foam mattress so it’s a little different but not in a bad way. The mattress is firm enough without being hard as a rock. I’m a side sleeper and it’s been very comfortable for me. I get very hot when I sleep yet this bed has not gotten any hotter than my previous traditional mattress. So, if I can say that during a Houston summer I think I’ll be OK. I bought a new bed because my old one was 14 years old and my back had started to kill me. Unfortunately I learned the bed was not the culprit so I can’t say that my new bed solved the problem. But at least my back doesn’t hurt while I’m lying on this bed. Only time will tell how long it will last but for now at least I don’t regret buying it. And for $289.00 if it only lasts a couple of years…oh well.

I see a conspiracy theory at work here. I got the email from woot re: the “no mattress to sell anywhere in inventory even though we sold them to you” weird apology.

God knows aliens could be responsible for the missing mattresses, but I have it on not so good authority that the legal department at the mothership said "DON’T SELL THESE, THEY"RE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE!?!?

Well, it would make a good story over on the office bulletin board of the Clinton Foundation.

Think X-Files.